Girl Named Steve pvps on Test server station, and takes as joke

(King Amaarian) #1

Player named Girl named steve takign this a total joke to the sisi rules and has shot at not jsut me, but 2 other people

she says she was a ISD and tbh i think if shes thinking that this rule is a joke, she should be banned


(King Amaarian) #2

@CCP_Falcon I need you, i got another video of her attacking on station

(King Amaarian) #3

@CCP_Lebowski you online and can you view this?

(The Dunning Kruger) #4

Spamming the forums isn’t going to help your case.

(King Amaarian) #5

screw it XD

(CCP Falcon) #6

Stop spamming members of the dev team with @ mentions.

(King Amaarian) #7


(QuakeGod) #8

SISI griefers should be perma-banned, account wiped, and enough power grid backfed to them to burn their computer to the ground…

(King Amaarian) #9

dude this person was annoying me and doing stupid stuff and just saiyng i agree they should be permantly banned

(system) #10

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