Rule/EULA Violation by members of SISIT alliance on Singularity

Individuals by the name of ‘ivan manuta’ and ‘Sultan Salah ad-Din’, the latter being the leader of the Singularity Trading Federation (SISIT) alliance, and the former being the CEO of a corporation (ivan manuta Corporatie) that is part of said alliance, have been engaging in extremely racist and toxic behavior in the vicinity of M-0EE8 and beyond. They and many of their membership are intentionally interfering with attempts to test gameplay and new features by ambushing individuals and groups with overwhelming numbers and force, both within and outside of the M-0EE8 system, and without consent from any involved parties, as well as repeating these actions in quick succession. They regularly harass players through both disparaging insults and death threats (including the use of the N-word to regularly describe other players), as well as the in-game aforementioned attacks. Many of their ships, structures, and characters possess offensive names such as ‘WHITE SUPREMACY’ and ‘black lives dontmatter’. They are also abusing the ability to create multiple alt accounts by input broadcasting and using third-party programs such as isboxer to coordinate their alt accounts (of which many members of the SISIT alliance have dozens), degrading the performance of the server and using their assets to continually harass players in the game.

Also, I initially used the Bug Report in-game function to help resolve this matter, and the infobox directed me to the Help Center for such matters, where I could submit a support ticket and hope for a response. I have done so, but the GM who reviewed my ticket instructed me to move my EULA violation report here to the Test Server Feedback forums ( ). So please, if the ISD teams could bring this matter to the attention of any GMs who monitor conduct in Singularity, instead of redirecting me elsewhere, I would be very grateful. Here is screenshot evidence of the aforementioned EULA violations being conducted by members of SISIT:

I am not the only one who has seen evidence of SISIT’s toxic and racist behavior, as there is a similar thread currently up in this very forum, here: Input broadcaster running 45 Accounts on sisi blatantly input broadcasting and being racist in local

This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Just because Singularity is a testing server does not mean all rules should be casually ignored, ESPECIALLY not the EULA. We need a GM to step in and deal with these troublemakers.


These two guys you are talking about were banned from sisi on most of his accounts, so I think the report you guys sent really worked!

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