Hi I would like to talk privately with a GM if possible

I would like to talk to a Gm regarding EULA regarding player abusive behavior

Make a support ticket

I did and they told me to ask here

Who is “they”? No CCP/CSM/ISD/GM would have directed you here. There is a specific support ticket category for player abuse and rule violations - do it there, not the forums. A GM isn’t going to contact you just because you asked for them to reach out to you on the forums.

yes i have been through all of the support ticket and submitted to that specific section and the GM’s replied that i need to post a forum thread here to talk to a GM from the test server as they do not handle them

Unfortunately, the Player Experience can only provide support for the Tranquility server as we simply do not have the tools to investigate issues related to Singularity.

Only our developers that you can reach through the forums handle any inquiries regarding the Singularity server. Please create a thread and the corresponding team will reply accordingly.

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sure would be nice if a gm or ccp could deal with this issue already

These things take time. Please be patient.


10 days later and still nothing has been done about this. even talking directly to CCP Convict.
I don’t think that someone should be allowed to freely be Racist in local calling people the N word and telling them to kill themselves.

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