Stop seeding plex and withdraw illegal injectors from players

Stop seeding plex and withdraw all the illegally purchased injectors from players please? They are currently ruining the singularity testing, since people multibox insane amount of accounts on singularity with help of illegal injectors which was bought from the market and plex in order to activate their characters.
This is getting out of hand and ruining the singularity testing enviroment.

Hereby I hope making a forum post will rise the attention from CCP and starts investigate about plex/injectors abusing cases, and fix this problem ASAP.

I can offer a list of suspect upon requests.

Out of curiosity. What exactly is the problem and what are illegally purchased injectors on SISI?
I don’t quite see the problem.
If you feel distrubed by players in your current system, move to the next one. There are rarely enough people online on SISI (logged in at the same time) that would make it impossible to find a quiet spot to run tests in.


Some players are also starting the mirror with nonsensical quantities of PLEX in the PLEX vault which they do not own on TQ, myself included. That issue would need to be remedied too as well as un-seeding PLEX if CCP considers this an issue.

I do remember in the original brief for alpha clones that they would not be allowed to access the test server and the current situation seems to contradict that intention.

Skill injectors was seeded in the beginning of this mirror,and players who were logged in early enough purchased a large amount of skill injectors, although ccp manage to withdraw considerable amount of injectors, those players who combined small injectors into larger ones managed to avoid the withdrawal. And with help of plex and skill injectors they’ve created large fleet and ruining the testing enviroment for everyone who wishes to try out new fits and strategy…

And although i wish to move to the next one, there is only one combat system in singularity server where i can interact with other players and test new combat loadout. Now these illegal injectors and seeded plex have been abused by some players and completely abandoned the real purpose of singularity.

Therefore i wishes developers can stop seeding plex and makes every alpha accounts on tq disabled here in singularity to prevent further abuse…

Hey Ms Penelope,

I would be interested in this list of suspects to investigate this further. Please send it to my character on Singularity per EVE-mail. I do not promise any consequences - but it is easily possible that something might happen (either changes for the next mirror, removal of items or test server bans for involved users or similar).


The list would be quite long. Honestly, when you do these DB tests, finish on the blank snapshot and you’ll have fixed the whole “everyone has a billion injectors and 200 alts” problem.

In fact, if you ban people who exploited the mistake of seeding injectors to have dreadbomb alts, then why did you never ban people who input broadcasted 20 titans? This was completely ignored after it being reported several times and ISDs replied literally that you do not care.

Theres actually a second Combat System on SISI and that would be next door to 6-c which its beginning sytem name is PV for subcap testng

Furthermore ‘‘Therefore i wishes developers can stop seeding plex and makes every alpha accounts on tq disabled here in singularity to prevent further abuse…’’ You would condemn both INNOCENT and GUILTY account to be banned

So what you’re saying is, you know they’re talking about you, Aeon. :joy:

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Of course they’re talking about me. Why should I be banned for taking advantage of the opportunity presented by CCP making amazing mistakes, and mega input broadcasters get to alpha supers with broadcasted titan blobs without CCP caring? Eks dee.

I suspect someone from CCP is going to explain it all to you soon. Let us know if it still doesn’t make sense then.

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What doesn’t make sense is why you’re megabutthurt about the test server. Can’t play TQ?

While having all this nonsense is cool for salt mining and stuffs
Its Just the TEST SERVER
If you’re getting angry about not being able to test in the main combat system, go elsewhere
CCP dosn’t exactly stop you from going to a random dead end seeded system and testing stuff there
What CCP did was a complete mistake and should not have happened but mistakes happen and that makes us human
So just get along and deal with it.
Don’t like how the Mirror is right now? Deal with it, i’ve always had to every mirror and it dosn’t bother me
Multiboxing is a common occurence both on Singularity and Tranquallity and those who do it shouldn’t be punished.
CCP made a mistake, we took advantage of it, so what?
There are plenty of people on SISI who’d gladly give the injectors and PLEX out to others myself included
So Please, Stop Making drama and get along, Stop harassing CCP on an issue they do not NEED at all when they have other things to worry about.

Christ, I gave like 200,000 injectors to various total strangers because they asked and I had --literally loads of-- surplus.

Just remember, the test server is there for CCP to test new features and mechanics. Not for us to test anything.
I don’t know why you are all SJW about that. Just remember that you can extract all the sp you want to make injectors, then in 14 days /copyskills and get it all back. Is that illegal?

Stop QQ’ing about social injustice on the test server when it’s not there for anyone other than CCP in the first place.

Yeah, for CCP to test new features. Not you to test whatever meta fit you think is going to work on TQ.
QQ elsewhere

First of all, clearly ccp doesn’t want this happening, read the ccp comments and from other threads, secondly multiboxing huge fleets with help of plex and injectors will have a huge impact on test server, and thirdly its against the rules to abuse these bugs/features for their own personal gain (fun or whatever), so i have no idea why you have so much irrational emotions against my post , all I want is report these abusers and for the better testing enviroment and stability of singularity server.

Singularity is not there for the players to test their fits, singularity is there for CCP to test new features. They simply allow us to use the server. Most of the multiboxers have a stable supply of legitimate injectors anyway, and could easily plex their alts

I literally have to tell people this every day when they cry about a single battleship interrupting a “test”. Lol.

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The only rules I really want enforced are the ones about fighting at the station. That one douchebag who pods everyone at the station when they come back to reship. That guy needs to get banned forever.