Stop seeding plex and withdraw illegal injectors from players

(DREDD 23) #21

“Free SP” should be viewed as a reward for participation in MassTest (although participation is a reward in itself). But these injectors ruining this idea totally (I admit that I also enjoyed some of them but I will be very happy if all of these injectors be wiped)

However this is not just about injectors now

The reality on sisi is such that some players are coming here for “free pewpew” (why? - no one know but why not). However everyone who come to sisi for this or any other purpose, he should respect everyone who be here truly for testing.

But what the hell is point of making 30+characters/accounts with vehemont and wipe everyone in any combat zone and saying “You need permision from me to be here” ?? Sorry but this not just against purposes of sisi but against sense. - This is a real problem for now.

(Aeon Herzog) #22

This mirror is just showing how bad it could be, not how bad it really is. CCP are noticing how bad it could be because every single person is screaming the forums and local and EVE-Mails about it. Of course they are, nobody can undock without injected blob alts sat right there next to you. Even I injected some.

Honestly, you can count on 2 hands the people who copy stocks of injectors, and on 1 hand those that spam alts on CAs this mirror (as it happens, they don’t copy enough to blob like they do right now). I was bad in the day when it came to ruining CA1 with a group of Chimeras, but for me, that got tiring.

In fact, there’s literally 2 people who copy anywhere near a thousand injectors. That’s the exception, not the rule here.

Over the previous mirrors this year, how often have any of you actually been blobbed on? (This is directed at everyone reading this, not CCP Habakuk. And by blob, I mean 10 HAW dreads or something silly.)

I’d say this: just let CCP finish their thing and wipe all the SP and LSIs, and watch almost all those blobs vanish overnight. Wipe mine, wipe them all. I don’t really see a reason to punish people who just copy stuff from TQ to SISI to have a few officer Nightmares or titan fits, even if that means getting rid of the one guy who does, and who I know for a fact doesn’t blob anything except supercapital pilots anyway.

Ultimately, as the first paragraph says, this mirror is what SISI could be if everyone copied a trillion ISK in injectors a day. But, that is not the reality.

(hellswindstaff) #23

CCP Haba,

The issue is people finding ways to get mass amounts of injectors from either their personal hangars or from the market when mirror first comes up. So what you end up with is a few individuals with 50 alts max skilled which are basically shared. An easy solution would be to wipe the market of all injectors and just mirror over the skills only on toons. Becuase otherwise the injector traders will just toss them all in their hangar and copy them over. Its essentially the same people every single mirror abusing the injectors. So no mass tests are attended and tons of bugs make it to TQ. Which in itself is annoying that simple bugs arent reported on sisi anymore due to SiSi wars being fought. The amount of people running around with 30 Vehements is atrocious. Its no wonder no one bothers with mass tests. What incentive is there. Also you have people who basically play on sisi only and use plex system to omega their sisi toons. Might want to bring back the old account status mirroring every 48 hours from tq. That would remove 80% of the cancer. Also nobody needs an officer fit anything on sisi. If you have it on TQ you already know what it can do. Let’s not insult CCP with saying you need to have your officer stuff. All you need to do on sisi is attend mass tests and report bugs PRIMARILY . Ironically one of the people on the “list” has the most to say.

(Ms Penelope) #24

Thanks guys for all the suggestions and comments here. But that is not the original idea of this post, as everyone knows, CCP already made their decisions about what actions they will be taking if you violate any of the rules they’ve set out, and if you haven’t read about them, i suggest you scroll up for CCP Habakuk’s comment and New mirror on Singularity 2017-08-18

So as everyone can see, CCP already made their decisions, so stop talking about suggestions and complaining about things, this Thread is for HELPING TO ENFORCE THEIR DECISIONS by providing a list of suspect whom might violated the singularity rules(abuse count as bug exploit and is against the rules no matter what).

(Sora Kasenumi) #26

because here’s the problem – input broadcasting titans doesn’t discourage people from running masstests. they don’t have infinite skillpoints, they might not need it, but they might want it. while if you have 20,000,000 skill injectors you have literally 0 intention of going to a mass test, there is nothing about it that is appealing - i mean, i guess you could shoot stuff, but you do that anyways, because you’re spending all day on the server.

(Ms Penelope) #29

Seeding injectors is CCP’s mistake, and it is counted as a bug, And if you use those skill injectors for blobing/fun, that is counted as a bug exploit, and It’s against EULA…

CCP ALREADY stated the punishment for such actions, can your guys stop commenting? The funny part is like hellswindstaff said : Ironically one of the people on the “list” has the most to say.

(Ms Penelope) #32

I am merely an observer, let the ccp habakuk be the judge :slight_smile:

(Dylan Jonferson) #33

This is my very first post to eve forums ever and have been playing for roughly 6 years i think. I rarely felt the need to voice my opinion and usually when i did, It didn’t seem important enough. This thread however caught my attention since i wanted to see what kind of feed back id see after the last mass test. Needless to say i am a bit surprised. Firstly, Ms Penelope, Why? What harm exactly is plex causing on SiSi? I can only see good things, it is a test server after all and frankly testing Plex seems important to me. Testing skill queues, Testing new skins, testing skill extractors, testing ships and fits you cant use yet on TQ… You are implying on removing a KEY and integral role of a test server… Its testing. Did you hit your head? Perhaps the definition of the word Test is lost on you? Are you a Troll that is saying something so profoundly stupid and illogical that it forces those with sensibilities to reply? I have seen some of these replies on here and they too seem to be confused as much as I. Grasping at straws that do not exist. Please let me remind you of one of the rules of the test server, If a player is harassing you report them and go about your business elsewhere. there is plenty of space on SiSi to find peace and quiet and do what is intended Test. If you are salty drink water or quit the game. stop trying to take the testing out of a testing server!

(elitatwo) #34

This does not require testing as it is a “feature” on the live server. Now go forth and put your insults somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine.

(Ms Penelope) #35

If you don’t care about what you post on forum, your very first post might be your very last…read the forum rules first before you insults someone…and like i said, i created this thread is for hoping ccp will enforce their singularity rules, not to discuss about whether it is good or bad to remove plex functions on singularity. Maybe you need to use google translate to read entire post again???

(CCP Habakuk) #36

Hi all!

With the last downtime following cleanup has happened:

  • 795 stacks of skill injectors have been removed from player hangars
  • ~300 characters got their skills and unallocated skill points set to the current state of TQ
  • Skill queues have been also wiped for those characters (they would have been incorrect)
  • Mass test SP have NOT been re-applied for those characters (but new mass test SP will be applied again and on the next mirror everything will also apply normally)

I hope this corrects most of the problems, which were caused by the incorrectly seeded skill injectors. If you know of any remaining major issues with this then please contact me directly on Singularity (but please do not spam me)

Regarding seeding of PLEX on Singularity: This will be discussed further internally and may change for the next mirror.

(Admiral Alexander) #37

Thanks for making the test server worse than it already was, if you care so much about a (TEST SERVER) why couldn’t you just leave us be, you’ve spoiled the fun for the rest of us and now everyone who once enjoyed the test server being our quiet little place where we could test things that we didn’t have on the live server has now gotten worse, thank you very much for ruining the day for over 100 people Ms Penelope…

(Tonk Omnom) #38

Could you please elaborate on the the “problems” caused? I can’t possibly think of any that may be caused by too many skillpoints which are used for testing skills and fits by people on a test (!!) server.

(elitatwo) #39

Here is one, undocking 247956917467464 pirate faction capitals on a tech one boat is maybe “fun” once but you did it several times a day. None of the current features have been looked at and nobody had an incentive to attend the mass test, since cheat stix made sure you can fly your titan today™.

Second, the test server is for CCP to test things, not for us. We have been using the server that way and within reason that is okay.

What is not okay is someone nuking everything of the field in very unrealistic conditions and ships that are made very rare for a good reason. And now you are upset that you can no longer undock 3ß58ß357803786727595 pirate faction sooper dooper blobbs on a t1 boat all day.

(Tonk Omnom) #40

I’m not upset I can’t undock a silly number of pirate ships anymore, which I never did by the way (I’m not even one of the pilots that bought all the injectors), but rather that valuable developer time has been wasted for such a petty issue. This is an issue easily remedied by flying to another system a few jumps away from the /moveme-systems.
And if SiSi is not for us to fly around and test stuff I don’t know what you’re upset about.

(Amarisen Gream) #41

And here I was, wanting to test out the moon mining on an alt - as it would take way to many injectors or time to train the Rorqual on my main(s). 6-7 injectors gets an alpha alt I’m training from nothing to a Rorqual fit…
My next closest alt is like 14 days and she only gets like 150k SP per injector. I will just bug my corp mates to come to the test server and try stuff out.


perhaps, CCP could seed injectors to the SISI redeeming system for players. They have done this before!

(Demolishar) #42

If you’ve got a char with 150k per injector then there’s plenty of SP on that char you can extract to get a few injectors to make your Rorqual pilot.

You can even use /copyskills to get the SP you extracted back after 14 days, if you care so much about having SP on sisi.

(Amarisen Gream) #43

Thank you. At the time of my original post. I had forgotten about the copy skills. Guys in my alliance are doing just that.

(Amarisen Gream) #44

On another note: CCP might need to look at better ways of rewarding players on the test server. I know that there have been many request by USTZ players and others to have different Mass Test durning other time zones.

If CCP has the test server set up right, so that they are all ready pulling a lot of information from the users. It shouldn’t be that much of a change to add in a test reward system based off player actions.

Using the current items on SISI as an example.

Players could be rewarded for moon probing, using a refinery to punch a moon to take its lunch money, using the different ships and mining different amounts of moon material and refining. Most of these things are being recorded, why can’t they adapt anew reward program to work with the mass test.
The rewards would be SP and just tied to whatever CCP wants tested.

(elitatwo) #45

I’m sorry but CCP is Europe based, so Europe timezone it is. I know this is not what you would like to hear but at late EU timezone, our CCP god must sleep, so they can continue doing refineries and moon-ore crystals.

17:00h eve time is very early US West Coast timezone and I get you. If you think about it, lets say CCP devs work from 8am to 6pm, that is 10 hours with lunch brake. After 10 hours, I wanna go home.