Seeded Injectors Still Around

Habakuk, the first injector ‘wipe’ you did ALMOST solved the seeded injector problem. Some players, however, decided to subvert you and deliberately ignore your requests to trash them and never touch them again.

Players who put these ridiculous amounts of seeded injectors into contracts before the ‘wipe’ were able to keep them afterward.

After you reset the injected characters to their TQ skills, these people simply took the injectors from their contracts and injected them back into their characters, resulting in the CA1 alt spam that has become far too commonplace this mirror.

I admit that I (TrueSansha) had some friends who abused this exploit who were kind enough to share some injectors with me. Only recently did they admit doing this. I used some of these injectors and am willing to face the punishment.

A list of people that I know who abused this exploit has been sent to you on SiSi via eve-mail. It will be a mail from one of my TrueSansha characters.

Please consider doing another character + injector wipe. This has gotten too far out of hand and those who have disobeyed your request to trash these “fake” injectors multiple times should be punished in some form.

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