How about seeding all the industry mods used for supers again. Whoever is hoarding them should be banned

Kind of seems like a waist of a test server when you allow people to hoard components that are required to appropriately test stuff. Just seed the Supers already so we can run proper test. You already allow Bots to run 100 at the same time and ruin the Combat area tests. When you have someone with name 1,2,-100 its just a sick showing of Bots. The test server should be used to benefit the smooth transition between current mechanics and new mechanics going to be implemented. You implement New Supers then give no means to test its quite a turnoff for returning players. As anyone who has played this game for more than 10yrs knows. Vision is always wanting in CCP. Making pretty things that shine but to afraid to fix the problems before you just create more. Only logical reason a person can give for you to not have supers seeded on the test server is you have Devs and GM’s embedded into the current power structure on Tranquility. Might want to let the game proceed or you will kill it completely. Absolutely, despicable to see such poor decision making continuing on. Don’t think any of us forgot the real reason we have Old Forums and New Forums.

Test server is for them not us. If they need supers tested, im sure theyll seed them. Otherwise build your own on TQ and let it get mirrored over, or build them on sisi

Test server was originally created so we can find bugs and glitches that create uneven gameplay. Of which I have found 219 since beta on either account. The only way to hold exploiters accountable is to have access to the exploits. The fact they have made it so hard to test strategically important ships indicates that the current glitches in the Faction resist and damage has been placed on purpose. No wonder sub rates are barely keeping up with server cost this year. The fact that everything is seeded except strategically important ships is not a feature its a gimmick. As I stated hoarding of the Capital Core Thermal units should be banned. Only a moron would spend that much isk on faction Supers without being able to test it properly. Lots of players like me coming back with wealth but not gonna waste it on a rigged game. Looks like the BoB fiasco is continuing just in another format. What a shame. By the looks of quarterly earnings report the layoffs will begin in q2 and q3 of 2023. With a 98Mil operating expense and only a 96mil income. They have about another 30 days before the jolt of activity from this last release dies off. The components have been hoarded for 4 months now. I have built many supers on sisi. However, you can’t test things properly without seeding. They definitely don’t have the staff to cover everything and tie the hands of those of us that love the game and are willing to help save it.

They dont monitor the test server.

Best thing i can tell you is submit a bug report on the test server explaining your issues

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Sure do miss having Lebowski around to give us the straight talk. I don’t think any other developer has been able to communicate as clearly the constraints and goals of the development team and just how far they go in pursuit of the impossible goal of making everyone happy with what they do.

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Issue has been resolved. Can close the thread now. Thank you for the quick response CCP.

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