When CCP Removes tethers for one day

When CCP removes tethers for one day lmaoooo

i guess they tested something and broken something else… only the developer knows…

Maybe they broke something, maybe they’re testing a “fix” - why should low power structures have tethers?

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Maybe they are testing Black Out ver 2.0 where this time it is tether that will go out. :joy:

Think the whole theter and repair of player structure is a mess. think repairing armor and hull should cost isk.

They shouldn’t have tether in low power mode. That just makes sense.

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I was referring to how body’s camps the keep when tethers die

so what? dock up.otherwise you are just asking for it.

by undocking you consent to pvp.

I thought pvp was only allowed in the arenas? Am I misunderstanding something?

Yes. There is a contextual disagreement for the most part. The rules on TQ apply to Sisi, except and only except for certain conditions.
The only condition in which they will punish you (and I have never seen it, but have spoken to CCP devs on this on a number of occasions) is when you “interfere with testing”. That is what gets everyone’s panties in a knot. The only approved instance of testing is?
You guessed it, the Masstest.
That’s why CCP Habakuk (I’ve never seen anyone other than him running the Masstest) warns everyone about no pvp during the test.
Everything everyone else does, while they call it “testing” isn’t covered. It’s no different from undocking on TQ.
For all you saltybois who continue to moan and groan about getting your supers ganked, if it’s a bannable offense to get your super killed “without consent” (which is ridiculously cute BTW) then why does the (almost) ever present ISD’s in local not do anything about it?
The one time I got a warning was for goofing around with the market. I bought all 10 million of something. That pretty much got me a insta-convo from an ISD for relisting them all back at 1m versus 100 isk. Dick move yeah, I know. And that is because it causes server instability. But nowhere near as much instability as a certain someone (you know who you are) who litters M-O with keepstars, for no reason other than to be a dick.

So, the TLDR?

pog champ

and an FYI

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