Some jerk bought out all the dreadnoughts

So as you probably know, each sub-super-capital ship is seeded at 100 isk (on sisi). Well, apparently some guy bought all of them out and is now selling them at 500,000,000 per piece. This is a violation of the rules right? Will they be reseeded at 100? This greatly interferes with my testing. Please tell me your opinions etc.

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Wait till dt and log in before him. Buy what you want and get it when you get off work. I “assume” that’s how it works. I’m lucky, dt is when I have my morning coffee.

lol ok

And don’t ask me why ppl are arsehats like that. I surprised they bothered when marauders are all the rage?

Its more than just the dreads that have been bought out, its the omega implants for most implants to do with tank. guns have been bought out and ammo also

yeah that’s no bueno

its the same guys doing this that have been crying about all of the rule breaking on the topic about the ‘‘250 character input broadcasting coalition’’

Whats the respawn rate? Is the que full again the next day? Is he coming in just after dt to do this daily?

Eve is great for keeping autists off the streets. Can you imagine somebody wasting their time like this?

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I think you answered your own question.

Yeah seems so

His name is Raiga88, there was also another named Neil Armstrong Space or something like that. Real jerks tbh.

Honestly I kinda find this hilarious. That is at unless there are upcoming changes to dreads that actually need testing.

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