WTB: Dreads!

Got a dread sitting around collecting dust? Is it in low sec? Well let me know, I’d be happy to take it off your hands!

No moroses.

What are you paying?
Which Rigs are you willing to pay for extra?
Is any LowSec NPC station fine, or only specific regions?
Are Freeports fine?

Offer depends on hull and location.
Prefer no rigs as I will almost certainly be repackaging for resale.
NPC is preferred as I don’t trust freeports.

Could you name a minimum and maximum price for the 3 different hulls?
Dont wanna waste my time looking for dreads i have, if you are going to lowball and i could just firesale them on public for the same price.

I’d be happy to make you an offer if you can tell me what you have and where it is. Thanks!

If you cant even a minimum or maximum price, you are going to lowball me.
No thank you and good luck.

No idiot. He can’t list you a minimum and maximum price for all locations because that’s way more inconvenient than looking through your assets.
If he was looking to buy one for a non-lowball price he would buy it …

on public for the same price.

If your trolling boils down to being an annoying ass splinter, you should consider doing something else.


Did i ask to filter it by location?
If he cant tell me his maximum price, even for a dread in a great position, then hes gonna lowball. If he still would have wanted to make region dependant offers, then he could have made an example for 1 region to show that he is gonna pay a fair price or tell us, what makes a good system for him.

So yeah, lowball for sure, no trolling involved.

Tell me your minimum first.


You did not ask me to do that.

You have a terrible attitude.

Actually, to put something specific on the table: Can anyone sell me a Revelation in Domain low sec for 1.75 bn?

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Hey all!

A friend is in search of a Caiman BP or hull, preferably just the BP, please let me know if you’ve got one and I’ll connect you to the buyer.

I’m still looking for a Rev hull in Domain for 1.75bn.
Add to that:
1 Rev in Lonetrek
1 Nag in Domain
1 Nag in Derelik.


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