EVE-O Preview v5.1.0 "Able Actor" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2021-05-08 ] + limited Linux support

The purpose of this tool is to provide a simple way to keep an eye on several simultaneously running EVE Online clients and to easily switch between them. While running it shows a set of live thumbnails for each of the active EVE Online clients. These thumbnails allow fast switch to the corresponding EVE Online client either using mouse or configurable hotkeys.

It’s essentially a task switcher, it does not relay any keyboard/mouse events and suchlike. The program works with EVE, EVE through Steam, or any combination thereof.

The program does NOT (and will NOT ever) do the following things:

  • modify EVE Online interface
  • display modified EVE Online interface
  • broadcast any keyboard or mouse events
  • anyhow interact with EVE Online except of bringing its main window to foreground or resizing it

Under any conditions you should NOT use EVE-O Preview for any actions that might break EULA or ToS of EVE Online.

If you have find out that some of the features or their combination of EVE-O Preview might cause
actions that can be considered as breaking EULA or ToS of EVE Online you should consider them as a bug and immediately notify the Developer ( Phrynohyas Tig-Rah ) via in-game mail.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
  • Windows Aero Enabled
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2

How To Install & Use

Latest release

Direct download (version 5.1.0)

  1. Download and extract the contents of the .zip archive to a location of your choice (ie: Desktop, CCP folder, etc). Please do not install the application into the Program Files or Program files (x86) folders. These folders in general do not allow applications to write anything there while EVE-O Preview now stores its configuration file next to its executable, thus requiring the write access to the folder it is installed into.
  2. Start up both EVE-O Preview and your EVE Clients (the order does not matter)
  3. Adjust settings as you see fit. Program options are described in the readme.pdf contained here or in the readme.pdf file

If you did encounter a bug or a crash please do the following, as this will greatly help me to pin down and fix the possible bug:

Next to the .exe file there is a configuration .JSON file. Please send it to me via EVE in-game mail. To protect your privacy please replace the name(s) of your alt(s) in the message with something like ‘EVE - Alt 1’ , ‘EVE - Alt 2’, etc before actually sending it out to me.

ISK/PLEX/faction ships donations are not required but are highly welcome.


This application is legal under the EULA/ToS:

CCP FoxFour wrote:

CCP Grimmi wrote

Created by


With contributions from

CCP FoxFour

Maintained by

  • Phrynohyas Tig-Rah

Previous maintainers

  • StinkRay
  • Makari Aeron

Original threads

Original repository


There will be neither new releases nor any support on the EVE forum. At least from me, Phrynohyas Tig-Rah / Anton Kasyanov

That was the fun ride and I really appreciate the EVE community and all the users of EVE-O Preview. And this is a really warm feeling that I left my trace in the history of EVE Online.

91,553 downloads and 246 GitHub stars is quite an achievement.


Having some issues with the new version that I havent encountered in the last week or so using it. One of my clients specifically is bugged out while running the program. Upon selecting character to log in, the preview thumbnail turns blurry, and I am unable to pull up the client via clicking the thumbnail, or by trying to select the window normally.

This is the thumbnail I get. At a loss as to why

[EDIT] Upon reinstalling it was resolved, not sure what caused it still though.

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Do you have the option ‘Track client locations’ enabled? I’ve seen a similar thing once, when API gone crazy and returned odd coords and size for one of the client windows. This resulted in EOP trying to restore EVE window somewhere far outside the windows boundaries thus making the EVE client not accessible and making its thumbnail look like on your screenshot.

I have a problem when i launch eve-o for the second time.
The first launch i set up my accounts place and size, there is no problem if i don’t anchor windows on the borders screen or taskbar of win10 (if i do, eve-o don’t remember the windows size and place after i minimize an account).
But if i close all and reload, the thumbnails are at the right previous place but the login windows size is very small and after login screen, the full windows don’t show on screen and if i click on the thumbnails nothing happen.
I need to shut down each account with the task manager, delete the eve-o.json and redo all the positioning manipulation.


Is it possible to setup different sizes for each thumbnail? (this is really really needed when you have 2 sets of different types of characters)

Or to entirely ignore one client ?


Please send me via in-game mail an instruction how to reproduce this (tep-by-step if possible) and this:

Thanks in advance


There is a pending pull request with this feature implemented. I’ll include it into one of the next versions

It is possible to hide a client, but only until either EOP or this client is restarted

Do you happen to have an ETA on when the first feature would come out?

Even if it doesn have a GUI would be neat to have it included in the config file basicly

Would it be against the rules to make it possible to do actions into thumbnail ? Click fowarding

Eve-O is so, so good. Really amazing to be able to play all the clients on one monitor and use the other for the spreadsheeting :slight_smile:

I came up short identifying what version I have installed. Worse, I couldn’t find the changelog or whatever about the 3.0 release. Probably just being dense, where should I be looking?


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This one should help ;-p


At the moment I created this thread I was unable to add more than 2 links to a post, thus the missing link.

I updated the initial post with this link: https://github.com/Phrynohyas/eve-o-preview/releases/latest that contains a short list of changes


It is. Click forwarding, displaying only a part of the EVE interface etc - all this is against the rules.

So after a 2nd tought about it, it would be great if you could have it ignore X client by default (in example the log in screen) AND/OR ONLY use X Y Z client and if they is no information about a freshly started client to simply ignore it,

the 2nd could be done by simply editing the config file if making a GUI is to complex, in all fairness i used the config file over the GUI anyway due to it being not precise enouth to input preview locations to the pixel

Version 3.0.1 is available

What’s new and fixed:

  • Fixed possible crash when EOP tried to write down configuration file while it was locked by some other application (like Notepad)
  • Fixed issue with saving window position for inactive EVE clients as something far beyond the screen edges
  • Streamlined client window minimization on thumbnail Ctrl+Click action

Hey, 1st time im using this.
Worked wonderfully until…
Setting up with 6 chars,
4 on 1 screen (4 + previews), 2 on other screen (2+ previews).
After setup and use it works perfect.
But when I close and restart game + app it opens the previews all on 1 screen top left over the eve o app.
Ive checked unchecked *Track client locations + *Unique layout - with no luck.
Tried multiple combinations and spent time on trying everything possible i can think off, even deleted .json each time so it creates new one, no luck.

Q: Must all previews be on same screen or can they be “split”?
Windows 7 by the way :slight_smile:


Just to be clear - this happens when your EVE clients are on the login screen or when you have already logged in?

Hi Phryno, Got time to test and play with it again.
This is very weird, I think my PC is on the Fritz.
Eve O is working perfectly with my 2 screen setup, atm.

Apologies for the bad info/question.

Hello, is it possible to put numpad key as hotkey ? If yes, what is the formulation ?


Keycodes would be NumPad0, NumPad1NumPad9

Sample config file snippet:

  "ClientHotkey": {
	"EVE - Some Name Here": "NumPad0"

Please note - these keycodes will work only when NumLock is enabled.