Best Way To Upgrade Skills for Incursions

The problem is not daunting.
The problem is the technical feasibility,
which, without the hardware, will not let you run 3 clients,
whether in Abyss or other.

I mean, I can make a video of it so that you can see for yourself what the actual ratios of efficiency are.
I can even add a 2 GB VRAM (video) card after I upgrade the BIOS,
and I get increase my 8 GB RAM to 16 GB for around $100 or so.

I currently have 4 x 2 GB RAM chips,
and this current Motherboard takes maximum of 16 GB RAM.

I can add 4 x 4 GB RAM chips, which would give me the 16 GB RAM.
Those may be the least expensive at this time.
Alternately, I can also add 2 x 8 GB RAM chips, but those are more expensive and won’t give me any better results.

The maximum for the speed is around 1,333 Mhz of so…
So, the ones over 10,000 and above that, work,
but, don’t make any difference.

I think the pw is 1234 for all which is default for all.

I think 2 Pilots can fly Nightmares,
but, Habi Ahashion is the one I was verifying which skills he would need to get Paladin,
as he seemed to have been the one with the closest match for it.

I would rather try with 2 good pilots to clear it first before trying the first ones with 3.

So, the actual XP doesn’t matter if those XP are in skills not used for the incursion itself.

Additionally, I do have over 20 pilots, and more than 10 of those have potential skills I can extract so to generate incomes from Incursion Scout,
and then get those skills extracted back, later, from it.

Additionally, I can also post invites for players who want to join,
or, to play in Vanguards, which are profitable can pay for PLEX of pilots,
as I used to run with others before.

I, however, would make some arrangement to keep the control of the fleet, so yes, they might not join me.
I am not so concerned about it, as long as I can run the Scout,
I can leave the Vanguard option opened for others later.

Also, I never ran Abyss yet, so, it would be harder for me to learn how,
than to use my current knowledge and practical experience for Incursion,
which, I already have, used, and succeeded from,
for which,
if I did not use it, and decided to run the Abyss instead,
would be a waste of my time and investments and efforts,
and intellectual property rights as well as other trade secrets rigths.

The Display I currently use is a 15 inches or so.
I have another smaller 13 inch, which is currently home and I don’t use,
which could be used to make a dual monitor display,
which I used to do before,

and I used to have a 3rd monitor, which was a laptop.

The laptop used to be part of the dual monitor setup,
and I ran 3 or 4 clients on the small 13 inch monitor,
with the main pilot on the larger monitor set-up.

I also used to run 2 or 3 clients on the double display scheme,
and 2 or 3 clients no the smaller 13 inches.

I also had 2 desktop computers with 2 keyboards,
while the laptop computer was only used for the monitor itself,
there was a keyboard connected to the laptop and the 2nd monitor was connected to the laptop.

There was also another a second keyboard control,
keyboard control, as, the laptop keyboard was not used, due to electronic warfare against that keyboard.

There was also 2 mouse for the 2 computer setup.

So, yes, I would switch mouse to control the other ships on the other system.

And no, this was not in PvE versus other ships,
but, rather, was in PvE mining.
I also did Ice mining with that, which,
in Gallente space, paid the most,
until I found how to mine Arkanor from High-Sec,
as well as other high-end ores…
(By using Wormhole to path the way to them,
those Arkanor asteroids also are in Wormholes as well.
Those wormholes are indeed accessible from High-Sec in a Venture,
which Venture has bonus to Warp Disruptor for Warp Stabilization,
which also works great for that, for in case you get trapped at the hole.)

I mean, I can even list the other pilots I can extract skills from,
which are currently not listed here yet.

I have more, but many don’t have under the 5 m SP required to extract any.

Anything counts, as, those skills can be applied towards the Paladin.
The pilot with the highest skills level has more than enough for a Nightmare.
I think Eves Aldent might also be able to fly a Nightmare.

Icon skillbook2.png Marauders

Implants.png Attributes: Willpower.pngPerception.png
Multiplier.png Multiplier: 10x
Isk.png Price: 65M ISK
Alpha.png Alpha max level: Alpha pilot can not train this skill.
Icon skillbook2.png Prerequisites: Energy Grid Upgrades V; Spaceship Command V; Advanced Weapon Upgrades V

Eves Aldent cannot shoot with a Nightmare as he has no Large Pulse Laser or Beam Laser Skills trained.

8GB is more than enough RAM for three clients (assuming you don’t have 80 tabs open in chrome or something). So if you’re having problems, you should probably look elsewhere for the bottleneck. Use windows 10 task manager or HWMonitor to see what your CPU and GPU utilization is. If you’re maxing out GPU, try turning down the in-game graphics settings (make sure “Preset Interval” is set to “interval one”). If your maxing out CPU, you can try turning off unnecessary background apps (and services if you are so inclined). It won’t free up a lot of CPU, but if you’re on the cusp, it just might be enough. Also, make sure your GPU and CPU aren’t overheating, which can cause them to throttle (check temps in HWMonitor).

Sounds like Eve-O Preview might be better suited to your monitor situation.

You don’t have to start with a Paladin. You can start with a nightmare (or maybe even a T1 battleship), and then train into the Paly.

And do note that you can test out setups on the test server. In fact, since you already have SP that you can extract, it will make things easier. Plex is seeded for 100 isk on the test server market, which can then be used to buy extractors from the NES. Also, do note that you’ll have to run at 100% influence on the test server. It will make things slightly more difficult, but that’s probably a good thing. If your setup can handle 100% influence, you know that it will be good to go for TQ.

Whatever route you take, you should probably specialize one toon for killing frigs (i.e. a vindi), and another toon for killing cruisers (i.e. a nightmare or paladin). Speaking of which, I have no idea what kind of tank is needed for scouts, so HAC’s and Battlecruisers might even be able to work. Of course, if you also plan on running VG’s or HQ’s with a community, then you’ll probably want to stick with frequently used battleships, as they will allow you to do everything.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Ah, no, I don’t use that.

I just switch Clients.
I did it in HQ and Vanguard too.

Vanguard can be more complicated to dual-client,
if they are not actually more complicated to dual client,
due to the fact that the speed response may be greater in Vanguard than in HQ.

That is also why it would be easier for me to use 2 clients only instead of 3,
since it cuts down the potential switching time by 30%, if not more.

Ah well then,
I can start with the most Skill Point Pilot and Eves Aldent.

Eves Aldent is also a Black Ops pilot, so, he has 2x more Skill Points.

I use a Simple Windows Gadget to monitor both my CPU and RAM on the fly.

This is an updated version for Windows 10 which is not part of the OS and had to be
downloaded and installed for it , separately.


Oh yes, one more thing,
OBS does not capture that Gadget Hardware Resource utility program
when in full screen Display capture mode.

It simply omits it as if it was not there.
So, it would require another program to capture it and/or stream it,
like an external camera on the screen or so,
to convey the meaning of the data,
whether due to trade secret or other.

I think that has to do with how OBS is setup. Like, it can be setup to capture everything on a display, or setup to capture something more specific (i.e. just the game). Regardless, just sitting on the undock and taking a look and your utilizations and temps can be helpful. Obviously, it won’t be the most taxing situation for your hardware, but it still might help you identify possible bottlenecks.

Anyway, your RAM usage is definitely high, and, considering you’re not even in game yet, your CPU usage isn’t doing so hot either. Of course, you also have a bunch of stuff running in that shot. Regardless, I had heard that you can do 3 clients on 8GB of RAM, so I decided to verify. I can confirm that it is possible, but you’re going to do some tweaking to do it. And, of course, upgrades are another option as well. What’s the best option for you will depend on your particular circumstances.

Reducing CPU, RAM, GPU Usage
  • Note- Do not disable Cortana in the registry as that can apparently break other things.
  • Antivirus Cleanup- might as well make sure there isn’t any BS on your computer
  • Update drivers and windows- most of this won’t impact performance, but it’s still a good thing to do. Moreover, graphics card drivers can sometime improve performance and/or stability. Of course, that’s usually for newer games.
  • Ensure sufficient HD Space (10-25% free)- Run CCleaner. Programs like Space Sniffer also present a visual representation of your HD, which can make it easy to see how your HD space is being used.
  • Disable unnecessary background programs
  • Set unnecessary background services to manual- black viper has an excellent list, but he hasn’t updated it in 3 years. So, you might need to do further research. It’s up to you how you want to handle services created by 3rd party programs (i.e. Google Update Service). You can either set them to manual, and then manually update/run those things as needed, or you can leave the services on automatic, and manually shut them down in the Task Manager when needed. Oh, and I recommend making a list of what services you set to manual. It will allow you to undo any mistakes, and make it easy to get everything sorted again if a major windows update resets all your services to the default.
    Windows Updates- Turn off “Restart ASAP” and set active hours to stop it from automatically doing stuff while you’re playing.
  • Disable Windows Defender- Supposedly it’s gotten better, but it’s unnecessary if you run your own AV software
  • Disable Windows Visual Effects
  • Disable Windows Transparency
  • Use a Low Impact Antivirus- AVG and Avast are both good choices. If you still need more resources, you can turn off active monitoring when playing. If you want to go even further, you can switch to a portable or web based antivirus tool, as they will use absolutely no system resources when you’re not using them. Whether or not this is a good idea depends on your personal computing habits.
  • Eve Graphics Settings- These are the best graphic settings if you need every ounce of performance. However, if your system can handle it, I recommend setting Shader Quality to Medium. It will dramatically improve the graphics for a modest hit to performance. Moreover, some of the effects provide useful game play information (i.e. Turrets and Launchers allow you to see what kinds of weapons people have fit, and (iirc) Effects will allow you to see lasers in space, which can help logi to identify who has agro.). Oh, and do note that you might need to turn transparency off to improve readability with low graphics settings.
  • Eve Sound Settings- Turn on “limit active sounds”. I also like to use inactive client muting when multiboxing, as the sound can get stupid with a bunch of clients running. Of course, I always want to be able to hear my alarms, so I don’t mute those.
  • Graphics Card Control Panel 3D settings- If you’re really desperate, you can use your graphics card’s control panel to force even lower graphics settings. I haven’t messed around too much with this, but I did want to mention it in case it was an option you wanted to explore.
  • And, of course, close all other programs (web browser, recording software, whatever). Yes, being able to record or watch netflix or whatever is nice, but I would prioritize a third client.
  • Use CPU-Z to find out what Motherboard, CPU, and RAM you have. Let me know as well, if you would like me to give more specific advice.
  • RAM- RAM upgrades are easy to do, and upgrade prices for older systems are usually quite affordable. You might also be able to scavenge RAM from old computers. If you’re going to buy, however, you might as well buy new. RAM is cheap, and goes bad relatively often when compared to other components. Anyway, the main trick is to make sure that the RAM is compatible with your MOBO. I’ve also heard people say that you shouldn’t mix RAM speeds or sizes. I haven’t had much trouble on this end, but every so often, a system will refuse to boot with mixed RAM. So, you might want to try to go for the same size and speed (especially speed) as your current RAM, but if that’s not possible, try what you can find. It will probably work, and if not, you can go from there.
  • CPU- Upgrades aren’t that hard, and you can often find great deals on used CPU’s on Ebay. The main thing is making sure that you get a CPU that is compatible with your motherboard. I also recommend that you update to the latest BIOS before swapping out the CPU, as support for CPU’s released after the motherboard was made can sometimes require a new BIOS. Anyway, CPU’s rarely fail. So, I feel quite comfortable recommending buying used. Moreover, Ebay has a guarantee policy (which I’ve had to use), which should keep you from getting shafted. So, stick with reputable sellers, and you should be fine.
  • Graphics Cards- Crypto miners have hurt supply and driven prices up for years now, but the pandemic has exacerbated the situation. So, generally speaking, it’s not really the best time to upgrade your graphics card. That being said, if your current graphics solution is bad enough, a modestly priced upgrade might still make a huge difference. Anyway, the biggest obstacle with graphics cards upgrades is usually the power supply (it needs to have enough wattage and the correct auxiliary power cables). So, that might limit your upgrade options, or require that you upgrade the PSU along with the graphics card.
  • Displays- Well, I don’t know what your financial situation is like, but I highly, highly recommend getting a second display. You don’t need to drop 250 bucks on a high end gaming monitor (especially if you’re just going to be playing Eve). A 100 dollar monitor is more than capable of getting the job done, and will make your life so much better. And, of course, if you can scrounge up a used one, go for it. 4k TV’s also work quite well for multiboxing (tile 4x clients at 1080p, tile 9x clients at 720p, or some mix of tiling and stacking). Once again, you don’t need top of the line OLED’s with quantum blow jobs or whatever. I recently picked up a 50inch for 500 bucks, that I’m quite happy with. You can also try going for one of the cheaper brands (like a 300 dollar TLC), but you should probably do plenty of research before hand. Oh, I would recommend trying to stick with a popular model if possible, as it will increase the chances of you being able to find cheap spare parts later. Of course, that’s assuming that you’re the type of person who would try to fix a bad monitor or TV.

Alright. That’s enough for now. Jesus, this turned into a wall of text.

Eve Skill also stopped working for valid password accounts.

Only my main , most skilled account work, as it’s no longer linked.

Man , my systems analysis book is over 500 to 600 pages long and we had 1 month to do a final.

I then had to buy a 2nd one which is another 600 to 700 pages long, which is a total of 1,100 to 1,300 pages,
but I had more than 1 month to do so.

Additionally, the decision table for the $30B+ Apollo project that I had in there is not in a 2nd or additional version of the exact same 2nd edition that I posted a diagram of on the forum, and, after I posted about it, no one mentioned it.

I would have to write the authors to verify, but they offered me a master degree for $35,000 per years, for a minimum of 2 years at $70,000 total (from start).

That is what you call a request for systems services form.

2. - :
Mind you,
NASA was nice enough to give me the detailed budget analysis per time frames,
although it doesn’t include that the security was the most important,
and that the security included the fact that the astronauts had to come back to earth safely and sound, and alive and well,
and that this included the quarantine system once they landed to verify that their health was fine,
and how it was (and how their health was).

the same more detailed budget data that was given to me after didn’t include the fact that the reason the budget was so high was that it was the least important point.

It the budget would have been more important after WWII,
the total amount of money would have been less,
and the cost-efficiency would have been increased,
which was not the case.

The UN decided to give the US more leeway due to its role in WWII,
and the peace that ensued,
including the decision to base other money on the US dollar.

So the fact that the budget was a global effort didn’t reflect.

the 2nd most important point was the schedule,
due to the Russian from USSR being in a space,
if the American didn’t land first,
the Russians would have spend more money on it,
which money,
they already had spent a more than enough great share of it then too…

So yes, to reduce the budget and make it more cost-efficient then was not of the essence due to the Russian space race, themselves also spending as much money as possible on it to win the race.

If the astronaut would have died,
the consequences would have been catastrophic,
and the US would have lost credit for the race.

This occurred at the first launch of Apollo 1 .

3. - :
as of today’s standards,
to have money as first and most important point would mean to have more money,
back then,
it was the other way around due to the war.

due to the war,
the security also wasn’t the same as it is now.

The reason the Gadget doesn’t display on OBS simply is because it is coded to do so.
It’s not because of OBS.

It’s because of the code of the app,
which is not included with Windows 10 anymore.

This app used to be on Windows 7 and OBS was probably able to capture it then.

They simply changed the code.

It’s like when people try to change my words into something else,
thinking my systems can’t detect it,
and then,
when trying to reason with them,
get more of the non-sense and unreasonable attacks and searching they do to me,
to further seek to discredit me to credit themselves,
and then,
hope I won’t charge them for the discrediting they sought,
like if they were not acts of war.

Of course they were acts of war,
and of course their civilian courts and prison systems was not good to me,
and yes,
they are also supporting NAZI.

be aware that a lot of the attacks against me don’t only intent to damage my software or forfeit posts.

They also intend to attack intellectual property related to hardware design,
and seek to cover up extortion from organized crimes and international organized crimes,
for the security of my family,
including my step-cousin who does work in this field of work as a legend for over 35 years,
I can’t associate with them,
and no, none of the security derived support from the government system which does protect my work for intellectual property is related to the other government system attacking my work,
communication and other intellectual property related work,
as association with them is not only act of war,
but, also domestic abuse,
as it insult the intelligence of my fiancée and potential child,
and is intended to delay this intelligence with diversions by using trade secret in economic espionage as part of their organized crimes, and
fraud related to student loans in attacks against intelligence related to those works for software , hardware, and, inventory of those 2 types of work.

Skills for (Scout) Incursions Post 19 out of 22 Posts:

Seems to be back online and I managed to save my Pod-Pilots offline from it.

I need to know which of my pilots can fly an Obelisk.

Of course,
it won’t inform me on which of my pilots my Obelisk is or are, if any…

I guess for 2 point some billion, you get what you pay for…

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