Skill Points

I’ve 2 alpha accounts, both with unallocated SP.

One has 1.5m SP already and 320k SP unallocated.

The other 12.8m SP (was Omega once) and has 380k SP to use.

I am thinking of joining FW with both in order to do small and medium plexes in a combat destroyer, probably Catalyst, but want to have a PVP capability as well in case people come into the plex.

Obviously I need to skills to fly the catlyst and hybrid weapons etc but what other skills would be useful for a low skilled character to help with survivability in PVP as well as enhancing the capabilities of the catalyst.

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That’s besides all the regular ship stuff, every one give some boosts added to any bonuses you may get from ships.

Depending on ship faction, you’d train armour or shield skills. In the end you’ll be wise to get both sets done.

Always worth getting engineering and navigation skills, as these benefit all ships.

Get these at least to lvl3, ideally lvl4, and lvl5 when you have time or require it to mount components.

After those, you then focus on weapons and drones, and specialization skills.

Just look at the masteries for the catalyst, get master 3 and you’re good enough.

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