does a profile also save default window position and window/fixed window mode for each client?

I want my 4 miners to sit on the right monitor all running windowed mode tiled 4x on that monitor.

The other accounts (combat main, dread alt, market alt) i all want to run full FIXED window mode on the left monitor.

If i seperate the profiles of these 2 groups will the 3 main accounts always open on the same monitor in fixed window mode - and will the 4 miner accounts always open in windowed mode tiled neatly on the right screen?

thanks in advance 0/

Window size/mode setting is part of the profile settings and can be associated on a per-account basis vi the launcher. Window placement is not controlled by EVE, however, so you will need to reposition your windows each time (per my experience thus far with trying to dual-box while station trading).

Dragging to reposition isnt a huge deal as long as the size/res/mode is saved.
Thank You !!!

Eve-O Preview

shrinking the windows of the client works perfect and saves the locations of the windows when you create a new profile for those specific clients.
yes it will mess of the UI completely , but u need to to adjust it once to match the size of the client and its saved forever under that new profile

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