Window Groups/Layout Profiles

Make it possible to save a group of windows as a profile to easily switch between different play types.

Edit: This should be accessible from within the client.

For example: When you do exploration, you want your probe scanner and system map windows open. When you go WH diving, you want your probe scanner and system map windows open as well as d-scan. Might also want chat windows minimized.

Perhaps when doing different activities, you want certain chat windows visible and others not. You might want a specific overview or maybe make your overview window larger or smaller for different activities.

So it should be possible to open, position, size, etc all your windows exactly how you want them and then save that as a “profile”. Then you can easily switch between profiles as you change activities without having to manually move/resize/swtich/etc all your windows every time.

What you are asking for exists.

Would you care to explain to me how to do this?

In the launcher, click on the cogwheel next to your account and click ‘Select Client Profile’:

There you can manage your profiles, make multiple ones and assign profiles to your launcher. Each profile will use it’s own settings.

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I wasn’t aware that this saved in-game window settings… However, this should be available while within the client. Seems silly to have to log out of the client, change profiles, and relaunch just to swap my in-game window layout.

That could be a nice improvement if CCP allowed us to swap profiles while ingame.

Anyway, multiple profiles is what I use to have my second client open on a different monitor and with music turned off. While EVE sounds aren’t bad, I get a headache when the music is playing twice. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I have some profiles set up for different monitors for when I want clients on different monitors. I wasn’t aware this saved in-game window positions as well.

there have been issues with the launcher profile thing. its mainly for having each character across accts to use same one.

On the other hand, I pretty much get what you asked for by grouping various windows, snapping the group to the top or bottom edge of the client and then toggling them with their title bar to collapse or expand them.

On the third hand when CCP allows us to drag individual windows OUTSIDE of the client (and to separate monitors) I am going to be in Nerd Heaven.

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