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Each day when I login I have to reset some of my screen preferences, ie screen size, window location etc. Is there a way to lock these settings in.



When you exit the application your setting should be saved so that when you login your all your windows should appear the same. However keep in mind if you have other eve clients running at the same time the settings that is saved is the last client that was closed.

If the settings is not saving for some reason then try creating a new profile. Profile is basically a separate folder on your hard drive with all your settings for EVE. Recommend if you do create a new profile that you back it up as well.

Thanks for the response, I don’t have any other clients running and do not know how to make a new profile. Is this a new player.

Clear your cache (ingame in the Esc menu). Sounds like something small is slightly corrupted.

To create a new profile.

  • Start the launcher.
  • Login to the account in question - but don’t click play to enter the game.
  • Click on the Cog wheel next to the account in the launcher window.
  • Click on manage profiles.
  • Click on new profile and give it a name like ‘testing’ or something and press enter.
  • Click close.
  • Select the checkbox for the newly created profile.
  • Close the options window.

Now click play, the account should now launch with the new profile you just created. The newly created profile will have its settings restored to the default options, hopefully resolving your issue.

Worth noting that if you don’t save your profile login information (which I don’t) you have to manually go in and reselect the other non-default profile every time you log in to the Launcher.

Which is a giant pain in the… but apparently what CCP want people to do.

Also if you’re using Windowed mode I’ve noticed some of the window locations may shift slightly even when pinned, not sure if that’s part of the issue you’re talking about too.

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