Need explanation for how profiles are saved

ok every time i log in to eve i have to change my ui scale to 150% and maximize my window, and readjust all my ingame windows. why? I cannot for the life of me figure out how to save my profile settigns so i do not have to do this every single time for every single account. I have made a profile in the cogg menu, and i select it, start the game, make the changes i want, close the game, reopen and its like i never made those changes and its back to the 125% instead of 150% with a tiny window

The profiles are saved in


I don’t know about you, but I do not see the point in setting up several settings for EVE. This only opens up potential for CCP to screw up your clients. I use the default settings with all the customizations I need and backup that settings_default folder into a 7z archive every now and then.

I never had issues until this update. Im using a 4k monitor so there no way I can leave ui scaling on 100%, it’s way too tiny. In fact I would prefer they added 175% and 200% scaling to accommodate 4k resolutions. I guess I could scale my nvidia settings but then my desktop will be extremely magnified. damned if i do damned if i dont.

You could try to delete all the settings, then setup your client in the default settings as you wish and backup that folder once you are done but before you log off. Then log off and log back in and check the settings folder if the file size of the character with the adjusted settings has changed, in particular decreased significantly. If that happened, you might want to file a support ticket to figure out what’s going on.

i did that already. it worked for everything but the ui scaling and window size. for some reason it keeps reverting to 125% and there’s nothing i can do about it

ok well eureaka i guess because i finally managed to get it to hold the changes. basically i just made the changes on the characters selection screen instead of logging in to a particular character, then hit log off, and the next time i started the client on that profile it held the changes … seriously CCP just add a “save profile” setting in the actual client… might clear up a lot of confusion


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