UI Resetting Every day at the moment

Hi all, not sure if anyone knows how to resolve this (or if its just an issue CCP need to fix).

My in game UI is resetting every time i log in at the moment, its never done this before, just the last week.
So overview, (including settings, defaulted), window positions, ship controls (stacked guns etc) all back to “i just installed eve for the first time” mode. :frowning:

If anyone can help id really appreciate it, rather getting sick of having to fix it every time i log in.


Have you made a custom profile and set the account to use it?

looking at it, nope its just on “default”, i assume that means this is my fault? :slight_smile: (assuming you mean in the launcher)?

so if i set it up how i want and some how save that custom profile? (how do i do that in the launcher?) i can reset it back every time?

Click the gear to the right of the account name in the launcher, can manage profiles there including creating one.
The Default profile is very prone to this sort of resetting happening, yours is worse than most I’ve heard of, but a custom profile usually solves the issue.


will check it out, thank you very much mate :slight_smile:

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