Launcher forgetting profile setting for accounts

The new launcher now does not remember what eve profile was associated with which account on every single launch, unless you pin that account, which was not the case before the update. I’m now forced to manually select a profile from the profile window for each separate account every single time I restart the launcher or else get switched to the “Default” one and enjoy the fabulous Birth of the capsuleer over and over and over again.
Any solution?

I must admit that when we were rewriting the launcher ui, we totally forgot to store this information… We will fix this of course :slight_smile:


Tnx for the prompt reply. I hope I did not sound confusing though, I’ll rephrase just in case.
The profile settings are still there, they don’t disappear but the launcher just forgets what account was using which profile every time you launch it and reverts everything to “Default” profile, pinning the account does seem to solve the problem, but I don’t like the “less secure” pinning option as a solution.

Oh and if it’s a possibility could you make the launcher save account names as it did a while back, so that they appear in the dropdown arrow where you type the acc name normally.

Thank you for the clarification, yes it’s the profile selection from the cogs that we totally spaced on storing for non-pinned accounts. That’s something we’ll definitely fix.

The auto-complete feature, you referred to as your second part, belongs to the EVE Online SSO. Unfortunately we don’t control that in the launcher UI but have been informed that the devs responsible for it will be turning it back on, once some fixes have been applied. I do not have any time-frame on that though.

Same problem here. So is it a case of wait for a launcher patch? If so have we a time frame for that? Or shall we start manually resetting all in game settings from default?
Cheers in advance. o7

Settings wont be a problem for me - since a launcher patch about a year ago (or even 18 months) … the launcher denies the settings_1 called “1” in the launcher completely - so I was forced to replace the default setting of each character with that one stored in settings_1 … not the nice was but I am long enough here to know how to circumvent your lighter programming mistakes …

But that the launcher forgets accounts - and its happened at least 10 times in the time the new launcher is around - particularly every time you do a major upgrade - IS near imacceptable
… Is it that difficult to employ a safety measure ? The last couple of times I could rely on the history of the accountname field when re-entering everything … but this time even that is gone … (guess you changed the ID or Name of that one in the HTML) … Though I find the comments of the threadstarter and Consman a bit strange … You ALWAYS had to “pin” or select “remember this account (insecure)” to get the launcher to remember the accounts.

btw I just noticed … WHERE is the TQ online/offline status ?

We are currently testing the solution on the dev version of the launcher

Would you be so kind as to clarify if you’re experiencing an issue with the launcher not remembering pinned accounts that were added after we deployed the new version yesterday? A notification was given that this update to the UI would lose accounts, as it was intentional since we were deprecating a scope used by the old UI.

We just released a new version of the launcher UI (2418) that should fix the problem with the profiles. That is the UI should now remember what profile your account has next time you login with said account even though you don’t pin the account.

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I am also having this issue still but the issue happened few weeks a go for me when I created ticket I got we working on fix and still it not working, so I have to pin my account info for my username or I will have type in new info each I want to log on to a account. starting to get the impression that ccp stands for “cant code properly” now

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I’m not sure what you’re talking about here, are you referring to the auto-complete (drop-down arrow) on login? If that is the case, I’ve written a little clarification of that here. This thread is about issues relating to the profile selection (cog in the user line) having reset at every login.

Confirming - the profile settings for my accounts are now properly saved in unpinned state as well. Thanks for the quick fix.

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Hey guys, quick update. After manually tweaking some of my settings from default last night and relogging today the freshly tweaked settings are saved, unfortunately the launcher hadnt remembered my details so i had to type in again.
Also my profile cog and pin in the launcher still do not work. No response with them at all.

I referring to the issue where the laucher isn’t keeping the user name info and I have keep having to add my user name to the laucher each time isn’t this what thread is about how you guys have fixed it but really havnt fixed, that people are still having the issue

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so a fix coming… to prevent further disruption ? or to fix the fact all my accounts have lost all seetings ?

i dont expect to have to reset everything when i log in for a massive fleet fight !!!

on every account !!

We have not managed to replicate the problem you have with the cog and pin, but we are working on adding more extensive logging to the UI. It would be great to see your logs after we release that version, to try and see why you are having this problem.

The launcher only remembers pinned accounts.
Regarding the names of previously logged in users not being remembered: Login no longer auto-completes previously logged in accounts

This rewrite of the launcher UI does not remember pinned accounts from previous versions, and it does not remember what profile you have selected for each of them. So you will have to login with all the accounts you use and if you are using other profiles than Default, then you have to change the profile manually for all of them. You will only need to do this once. Next time you login with an account you have logged in with before, it will remember what profile it should use.

Thank you for your inconsideration. Now I have to waste another hour fixing my stuff for second time within 24 hours instead of playing game.

Is this the same bug that prevents the launcher from paying attention to “Automatically launch game on login” ?

It’s like you don’t want us to actually play.

Any update on this, because if it has been fixed the fix isn’t working as every time I log in with a certain account since the launcher update I have to re do all the settings.
It’s becoming rather frustrating.

Other than that, y’all are doing a great job, love your work :slight_smile:

I would like an update on this as well. 11 accounts quick switching is impossible with it not saving the accounts