Launcher doesn't remember Profile changes or Group additions

(GKFC) #1


I have a non-Default profile that I use for my character, but every time I log in to the Launcher I have to select it. Which is painful. And not doing so means running EVE screws up all my UI placements etc.

Same thing for when I create a group and then add my character to it. When I relaunch the Launcher and login I have to manually add the account back in. The group is saved… just not the association with the character.

I don’t particularly want to use the Remember Me option though (as I have no issue entering my credentials each time), and this was never an issue with the old Launcher either.

Please can this be looked at?



(Eija-Riitta Veitonen) #2

Yes, please! So friggin’ annoying to select the profile every single damn time.

(GM Mechanic) #3

This is working as intended.