Launcher doesn't remember Profile changes or Group additions


I have a non-Default profile that I use for my character, but every time I log in to the Launcher I have to select it. Which is painful. And not doing so means running EVE screws up all my UI placements etc.

Same thing for when I create a group and then add my character to it. When I relaunch the Launcher and login I have to manually add the account back in. The group is saved… just not the association with the character.

I don’t particularly want to use the Remember Me option though (as I have no issue entering my credentials each time), and this was never an issue with the old Launcher either.

Please can this be looked at?



Yes, please! So friggin’ annoying to select the profile every single damn time.

This is working as intended.

Well… why? Because it’s a rather irritating change of functionality.



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