EVE client does not remember monitor and graphics settings

I have 7 characters, and 6 monitors. Definitely a niche use case, but I have some quality of life issues I face daily.

I have 5 1080p monitors, and a 4K monitor. Every time I launch my accounts, the monitor each account is set to launch on, the resolution, the UI scale, and the graphics settings are reset every single time. Every time I launch my accounts I need to manually set every single setting on each account. Its rather annoying.

Why does EVE not remember these settings on a per account basis?

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Yep. I got a new computer and was pretty annoyed to find all that I had to set up from scratch.

Worst was resetting my overview, which I know can be saved and shared, but that is not exactly intuitive either, nor do I understand it all well enough, so I just did it from scratch. At least I learned a few things about those pesky overview settings in the process.

Have you assigned each of the accounts to their own separate Launcher profiles? If not, and they are using a shared profile, then they are going to keep overwriting each other.

Here is the base EVE support article on launcher profile management:

You will want to create separate profiles for each account, and then assign them accordingly (which is done under the account-level settings in the Launcher, vs the Launcher-level settings where you create additional profiles).

The article also includes instructions on where to find the files if you need to back them up (for a reformat or new computer setup).

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Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to do. I was not using separate launcher profiles, and they were overwriting each other every time. I just went through and set everything up and its working as I wanted (every account has its own profile now). Saves me a ton of time and I can get in the game a lot quicker now. I sent you 75 mil ISK as a thanks.


Glad to be of assistance! The tip os appreciated. Have fun in game!

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