EVE clients overwrite each other's game settings

Hi, I’m running multiple clients on different monitors that have different DPI, clarity, dimensions and so on. For, for monitor A (game client A) I need the Font Size from General settings to be Large, but on monitor B (game clients B1, B2) I need that Font Size to be Medium.

Problem is, seems like these settings are shared, e.g. one and the same for all game clients. So the font size gets wrong after every restart, either Medium where it should be Large, or Large where is should be Medium.

Is there any way to separate the game client settings from each other?

Create a separate profile for each account in the launcher, everything is stored there and is separated from the other accounts …

Do you mean launch groups? They get their own settings?

Update: Nevermind, I found the profiles hidden behind the gear on every account in the launch group! Thanks!

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