2 graphic/interface settings for 1 Account?

o7 capsuleers,

i got a question: i do want to have 2 different graphic and UI settings for the same account.
In particular i like running the game in windowed mode across 2 monitors some times when i’m really focussing on the game, so i have a nice free screen and the UI stuff on my 2nd monitor.

However then theres times when i do mining or other stuff which doesnt require much focus and i want to only use 1 monitor.

Do i have to rearrange my UI and graphics settings every single time i switch or can i conveniently safe those 2 graphic and UI settings somehow?

I spent some time google but did not found any answers to this specific question.
Also where is the eve client data safed? I’m running on steam client but in my steamapps the folder is like only 120mb?

You can configure multiple profiles for each account and select the profile you want from the launcher. Not sure if it has all the flexibility to do what you want but it’s worth a try.


Thanks for the quick reply, i will have a look and update how it works out

exactly what i wanted, you can have different profiles for the same account and even other profiles for other accounts, it safes everything graphic and ui settings, this is perfect.


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another update for the curios:

i also found out how u can start the client in a custom resolution IN fixed windowed mode:

-> there is a file named “core_public__.yaml”

in there is:
FixedWindow: [132483079913895253, true]

  • 132483079653574180
  • [4480, 1440]
    UIScaleFullscreen: [132483079653574180, 1.25]
    UIScaleWindowed: [132483079913895253, 1.25]
  • 132483079913895253
  • [4480, 1440]

u can type in ur desired resolution and put a true behind fixed window and then u have the game on multiple monitors in the resolution you want WITHOUT the ugly window borders.
(for whatever reason you still have to open graphics menu and hit apply, ur custom resolution will show up in the dropdown, only need to confirm 1 time tho)

to find out what resolution u need just add together the resolutions of ur monitors.
close the game afterwards so it safes everything to ur desired profile, then make a 1 screen profile and voila ur set.

You can now switch between 1, 2, 3, 4 or 10 borderless monitor profiles with the click of a button.

now u only need to get 4 monitors and can play spreadsheets in space while still having a beatuifull view on those pixel asteroids.

but everyone in this game is smart so u figured this propably on ur own decades before me, whatever

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