Running two eve's

Hello! I’ve been playing EvE for a few days and I subbed 2 accounts because I’d like 1 toon to be mining while the other does well, whatever else. My issue is, everytime I start these two accounts and move my secondary account to my other moniter, I have to readjust it’s settings everytime for it to look proper, it can get quite annoying. Also, I cannot run in fixed window, only in windowed mode resulting in the annoying white window bar at the top. How can I work around this? I had googled this earlier only to find YEARS old solutions that no longer work

Create a new settings profile in the launcher. you can then assign it to the second account. That way, the two accounts have totally different account settings.

And you can run fixed window. you just change the adapter to change which screen it’s on. (The setting is below the drop down which has fixed window in it)

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Oh wow, thank you! I’ll test this out when I get back home

Only downside: they’re totally separate. (Both good and bad)

What is good and bad about it?

Good: You can easily make changes that only apply to one of the accounts.

Bad: You can’t easily make changes that apply to both accounts at the same time.

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