How to make a secondary account always start on the secondary monitor?

So, I have a main EVE account & am in the process of setting up an alt account for the purpose of being a salvager/support of my main.

I have 2 monitors. Currently, when I launch the accounts, they all launch on the same monitor & I have to manually switch one of them over to the secondary screen. The next time I launch the game, both accounts starts on the secondary screen.

I’d like to set the accounts up so that the main starts on the primary & the alt on the secondary every time I launch them. Can I somehow do this? Edit a config file?
Or do I need to create the second account through Steam & have it as a separate install, as opposed to my main that I downloaded from CCP?

You want to create a secondary profile on the launcher, and associate it with the account. So you have a primary screen profile, and a secondary screen profile.

First time you start the secondary screen profile, it’ll show up on the primary screen. you can move it, and then it’ll stick there, without touching the other profile.

Been a while since I’ve done it, and the ui has changed a bit since then, but it was behind the cog menu for the account.

A working solution posted 3 minutes after me presenting the problem. Thank you!

It’s the real benefit to the launcher. The other bits are nice (being able to hit one button to launcher specific groups, and comments on accounts) but multiple settings has been something I was asking for since I got on the CSM, until it happened :smiley:

So happy when that got presented to us. (the old way of doing it was, umm, a bit of a mess)

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