User list extends over server info/selection

Since this topic is being watched by devs I’d like to share few of my observations.

I play at resolution 1920x1200. Before the change I could see 23 accounts at once with left alignment of the overview. Now I see 25 and as a result Tranquility label is currently barely visible with players online totally hidden.

Also, prior the update launcher used to crash with 200+ accounts added at once. Going to test if there is any change with the new version. Of course there is a workaround to this, but it would be cool to work.

I have already reported it (to GMs, not bug report system), but I can dig up the errors from event log if needed. As far as I can remember QtWebEngine was the reason. Windows 10 OS.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve adjusted the height of the user list for an upcoming update. :aura:

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