Disappointed with features missing from new launcher

I finally got round to installing the new launcher and I’m missing three features that I had from the old launcher. (note I edited this as I learned with some trial and error about changing the default settings so I get to the character selection screen. The following points are unresolved)

  1. Why can’t I zoom in and out like I could in the old launcher?
  2. Why can’t I see a nice column showing which accounts are actually running like in the old launcher?
  3. What have you done with my labels? You threw away my labels omg no

How do I get the old, good functionality back in this new launcher?

we can zoom in on the old launcher ? oO

you see which account is online ! is has a backround and the other dont …
ok it could be “more visible” but if you take a look you can see it !

did you see the difference between these 3 accounts ?

labels ? you see which chars are on the account before you start them … why do you need a label ?

And that’s the problem. It needs to be more visible, much more visible.

sorry but i dont see this as a real problem … i dont mess up my accounts ! maybe because i only have 12 and you have 187 ?

No, it’s a real problem because the old launcher’s active account highlight effect was much clearer than the new launchers. Hence, this is not a usage or comfort improvement. It’s a downgrade.

Yes, absolutely. In the old launcher you can press [Ctrl] + Mousewheel and zoom in and out, which lets you see your omegas and alphas, your launch groups and your labels, all at the resolution that makes sense for you. With the new launcher you can’t do that, even if you select the option to use high DPI. There is a “scale factor” but it’s limited to 100%. IF the scale factor let you select numbers less than 100% it could work, but it’s a step backwards

Well for starters you can’t see the chars if the account group is collapsed (and they are all collapsed by default and they autocollapse whenever you select a different account group).

Instead of seeing the chars we now see the character icons. Character icons are not unique. What is the one thing we know is unique for each character name and also for each account name in EVE? They are unique. They are unique so they can be identified. Labels were introduced with the previous launcher to help give a textual link between the accounts and the characters. I depend on that info.

I think I just found something Dyver, you might not have thought of doing if you were used to the old launcher. You can actually make the new launcher more narrow than you could in the old launcher. When you get it narrow enough, it switches the icons around and gives you a start and stop icon just like in the old launcher. I’m missing the labels still but at least if I have to start ten accounts I have the same number of mouse clicks. I am liking the new ultra thin layout.

The ultra thin layout completely removes empty space in the launcher UI. This is an improvement

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But I also lose the kinda important news scroll and only keep the useless and space wasting ad card.

The new launcher is, all in all, a mix of nice innovations and backsteps from the old
one. Ich really wish that all the features from the old launcher would’ve been added
in the new one first and the innovations of the new launcher had been set on top of
that. I still use the old launcher because of the labels that give me a better overview
for my accounts than the overview of the new launcher. Besides of that (for me) the
design of the new launcher feels really weird. It looks like a developer with a tablet
was trying to make a design for the tablet he was using instead of designing it to
fit full HD monitors and 4k resolutions.

Well … lets wait what the next updates of the new launcher will be …

Now we’ve been forced to use the new launcher and where are the account labels?
You, dear CCP guys, told us that the new launcher would’ve all the options the old
one had and will give us more options, too. So, when do we get the old and usefull
feature to set the account labels back?!

If you shrink the launcher, you get all of the things you wanted including a start button next to the account.

That’s a joke, right? I have to shrink the launcher to manage account settings
where I can only set a profile for the whole account, where I can add profiles
but cannot delete nor edit them? Which are getting added with understrokes
instead of blanks plus a second profile with the same name without the said

Come on … this is too crazy to be true. :smirk:

This leads me to some serious suggestions:

1.) One profile for each avatar on the account
2.) True profile management where we can add / change / delete profile names
3.) Propper naming of the profiles (wysiwyg)
4.) Listing of all avatars from all accounts that share the same profile
5.) — placeholder —
6.) — etc. —

I hope you get what I mean.