NOT More User Friendly

I had no problem reloading my accounts after the update. The issue I have is after multiple accounts are loaded the launcher does not have the “PLAY” button showing up. So, instead of having my accounts loaded and ready to play, I have to load one, when done, make launcher forget it, close the launcher, open it, then load the next account. This is NOT more user friendly and is far more tedious.

I honestly didn’t think it could get worse. And they made it worse. Pop-up news that covers up the actual news list. Sideways text for links. Layout like a bad social networking site. This is the best they can do? We had it way better five years ago. Why is everyone trying to mimic Android on web sites and programs? Unfriendly, hard on the eyes and not an improvement in any way…that’s “modern” design in a nutshell.

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Trying to work through a support ticket. Was not able to describe to the GM what is going on. Tried to follow the instructions for relaying data in launcher log. I am on a Mac(Yeah, I know, go ahead and laugh.), wasn’t able to find what the GM needed. I am not as savvy as I once was.

Absolutely hate the new launcher. I didn’t think you could actually make the old one worse. You took away the indicator showing when the server is up. So I’m reduced to hitting the play button and then waiting for the clients to open only to be forced into closing them because the server is not running. And then repeating that over and over.

Why can’t we just go back to the single command line to run eve? That never gave me a problem.

I still have the server status indicator and player amount in the top left corner…

This launcher is horrible. I have to click the start four to seven times (with a small wait between clicks) to get it to recognize anything I want to do. It is slow. The previous version was very quick. I could cycle through my toons in the morning and update whatever I needed very quickly…this version is tedious.

No you don’t. You don’t get the server status indicator until the server comes online or you log in.

Looks like the bugs causing the problems have been dealt with. I am able to add all accounts and access them through the launcher without having to make launcher forget and load next account.

Unfortunately the bug is back. For one beautiful week I was able to load all my accounts and seamlessly switch between them to make play time efficient. Now it is back to “rinse and repeat” of having to load one account, play, make launcher forget account, load next account. Back to tediousity until bug is squashed.

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