EVE Launcher UI versions 2xxx (dev version)


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Some of you (notably those using the developer / beta version of the launcher) may have noticed that the launcher UI has changed in the last couple of days. And that all your accounts have been logged out.

Well this is due to us updating the development launcher UI to start testing of the rewrite that @CCP_Rubik and I have been working on for a while. If you’re not interested in testing this new version (while we’re working out some of the problems that come with updating to it) please use the release version of the launcher (this should restore the pinned accounts).

Known issues

  • Can’t switch to test servers
  • A lot of localization is missing (work in progress)
  • Styles issue for new Steam accounts, as text extends outside login box
  • Doesn’t update data. Affects …
    • Server status / player count
    • Launcher version (needs to be restarted for new version)
    • Twitch being online
  • MOTD can reappear after it’s been dismissed
  • MOTD time ago is incorrect
  • Changes


    • Server selection fixed
    • Width for text displayed for new Steam users fixed
    • Steam icon persists when updating / switching servers on launcher started from Steam


    • Launcher now updates server status, player count, version checks, etc… correctly
    • Twitch icon is correctly shown in side-nav when channel is live


    • First update to the new launcher UI based on React
    • Significant improvement on when launcher reports issues to log file
    • Better user feedback while loading SSO window
    • Moved layout settings to overhauled launcher settings view
    • Updated feedback link
    • Launcher should now remove non-pinned accounts if…
      • Launcher UI is updated
      • Launcher is refreshed / restarted
      • Selected server is changed
    • Launcher behavior to pinned accounts changed
      • In an attempt to fix the “launcher sometimes forgets my accounts”

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