EVE Launcher 1183418.dev/2001

(Dr Nuclear) #1


since today there’s a Bug in the Launcher.
Everytime I start the Launcher, it maximize itself to nearly fullscreen.

(CCP Avalon) #2

Switch to the release version of the launcher please, the development version has no guarantee of being stable. :guardparrot:

(Dr Nuclear) #3

I usually use the Beta, not sure why the dev version activated itself.
Now Launcher has changed to 1183418.2004 without doing anything
EVE magic too eh? :smiley:

PS: I hope that was a bug not a feature

(CCP Avalon) #4

Thanks for reporting this, I’ve forwarded this observation to the launcher team. Whether the beta version type pulling the dev UI is a bug or a feature I leave to them.

I recently updated the development UI to 2001, and then to 2004 yesterday. You say the version updated to 2004 without you doing anything, was the launcher running non-stop between versions 2001 and 2004?

We have been working on a rewrite of the launcher UI and just started testing it on the development branch. :aura: To have a stable release of the launcher UI, please use the release version of the launcher (UI version should be 1058)

EDIT: I just talked to the launcher team and while it wasn’t technically a bug, we will be changing the behavior of the launcher slightly, so that we can deliver more stable versions to beta participants. Later today (once an update has been released) you may restart the launcher in beta to get the old UI back :slight_smile:

(Dr Nuclear) #5

Yesterday I did restart the Launcher but there was no update.

Just right now I received a launcher update and it updated to 1193652.dev/2004

(CCP Avalon) #6

Yeah, it claims that. Silly 1058 trying to be hip and cool. The layout icon in the side menu is a dead giveaway that you’re using pre-2xxx version. :wink: That’s a UI bug we won’t fix for the 1xxx series, it reports the correct version for release. :slight_smile:

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