EVE Launcher beta version updated (2xxx)


Early this morning we updated the EVE Launcher UI for those using the beta version of the launcher. Those affected may have noticed subtle changes in the UI, such as “Support” becoming “Customer Support” in the side navigation.

Another indication would be that all the pinned accounts have been “forgotten”, this is due to the data structure between the 1058 (release) and 2xxx (dev/beta) versions not being compatible. If you want to opt-out of testing, just switch back to the release version of the launcher and your pinned accounts should return.

If you’re curious about the future of the EVE launcher UI, and you wish to help with testing the beta version of the launcher, then the rest of this post may be of some use to you.

What has changed?


  • As mentioned before, the data structure of stored (pinned) accounts has been revised
  • Informative progress bar for launching clients, per account
    • For most, it should just jump directly to “starting client…”, unless it needs to refresh tokens
  • Accounts that aren’t pinned will be discarded if launcher session is destroyed
    • This can happen if you: switch servers, refresh the launcher from the E menu, or you use the “UI update available” button


  • The launcher should no longer forget pinned accounts on start-up, or when tokens are invalid
    • Instead it should provide an error notification suggesting a relogin of the account, if refreshing token fails.
  • Logging from the UI when errors occur has been significantly improved
    • For the love of [deity of your choice], if you encounter issues with this UI, file a bug report, and attach the launcher logs for that session.
  • Loading icon until the SSO window is ready to display (no more empty box)
  • Side navigation…
    • UI update icon made more prominent when changes are available
    • Twitch icon is now uniform with other elements in the side-nav (only displayed when stream is live)

Known issues

  • In rare cases the username is not displayed after login
    • Workaround: resize launcher window, and the name should appear
    • The play button should still work normally, even though the name isn’t visible
  • The new progress bar is not localized

With regards,
CCP Avalon & @CCP_Rubik

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cannot accept to get any further.

I’m going to hazard a guess once accept is clicked once it will never appear again for subsequent accounts yet the forced license agreement is resulting in no more eve 4 u.

*I’ll just say it this is pretty poor design - it exists in both the release and the beta.

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Needed accounts Re-entering as described, no issues, seems smooth.

shift + click doesnt work to select multiple accounts anymore.

please get that feature in again :frowning:

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