New Launcher? Not letting me log in

Did the launcher get updated today? When I went to log in, the old launcher vanished and this new thing came up (launcher UI version says 6.0.4). I had to add my accounts again, but now I can’t launch the game on either of them. I tried digging through some log files and the only helpful things I can find are the following:

“CustomWebPage(0x6986808) “setPlayable(‘tq’, false)”
“Full resource download for Tranquility” has no files to download. Downloaded 0 files ( 0.00B )”
“info: Both tokens were missing for account_name, start-up failed. 1”

Does this mean it can’t see the server to make sure its got the right files, and what’s with the tokens missing line? Did they force multifactor login without stating it?

Another odd thing, I just opened up Eve on my brothers computer next to mine, and it still has the old launcher. I checked version numbers of the launcher in the About window, both systems have the same number. How do I get the old launcher back? I tried searching on the forums but nothing current is coming up in the search results.

I got this too - it’s because, in settings, you have “Beta” selected for the patcher. Change that to Release and you should be all set.

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