Cant login to tranquility

its now 2 days i can’t login to eve online
the launcher shows up and my auto login data is gone

and when i enter my login it says its wrong
this is the second time i have this

first time i created another account but now
i see it will happen again so no new account

i checked my avg settings and ccp was blocked i removed it
but that didend help
anyone an idea of wat’s going on ?
kind regards

There was a launcher update on Wednesday and everyone needed to re-enter their credentials and, in my case at least, redo our client settings. There was, however, no problem logging in.

Go to the account management site and see if you can login there. This will isolate the problem - is it your account or your computer?

Use the network diagnostic tool in the launcher (3 horizontal bars at top right next to minimize and quit icons) to confirm that you have a connection to the server.

Submit a support ticket

Good luck.


While I can not help you with your problem with your login being “wrong”, I can tell you that with the recent EVE Launcher update. As of 8th of November your old launcher credentials are nolonger compatible with the new updated EVE Launcher version, so you will have to reenter your login credentials again for your account(s) and if you want to make the Launcher remember them, you would then need to PIN them (as shown in below picture)


I hope you get your other issues resolved :wink:

why a game so difficult to log in

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It’s not.

Cant login 2 days, SO complicated game to LOG IN !!

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The game is not hard to log into. Have you attempted the solutions provided? If they did not work have you filed a petition as only players will respond to your complaints on the forums.

So basically lets submit a ticket and wait for days to maybe or maybe not get help. at witch point we are not rendered the services payed for. it’s not like CCP is pausing the billing as per we can’t use the product we are paying for. Seems like a double standard. real EVE players know how frustrating this is. Eve is not just a game to a lot of us. and our responsibility in game effect many other people.

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