Cant Login - second day Eve launcher again!

Is it not possible for you to check Updates before you bring life?
I try to login into eve with launcher but my Account data not works. No error , only reset the login fields.
What s wrong with you ccp that you cant test this before update???

Given that the launcher works for the vast majority of people (according to the numbers I see successfully logged-on), what makes you think they don’t test it in advance ? Perhaps the forums could help more if you described what your system is, and in what way the launcher fails for you ?

i have found what i have to do. I must make a manully update from launcher before i login. No matter why but it works


I had the same problem, I fixed it by using the Refresh function.

I refresh the Launcher and I have to log back in
Launcher not remembering ???

I have the same problem, cant login, login form resets after tap “Log in” button

OK I restart puter
Launch the Launcher, It does not remember any of my accounts, it wont save the Accounts
So there is still a problem Or have I missed something???

Anyone found a solution?

I have the same problem. 2 different accounts. I can log in with one account and not with the other. Even try to use the add account feature when one account is logged in. No luck. Tried verification and purge of files. No luck. Tried switching to beta. No luck. I’ve had absolutely no response from customer support.

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