I can not log in

Hello, I have not played in EVE for a long time. On the site, the authorization went well, but the launcher does not respond to the input of this data.

Try removing your account from launcher and then adding it again.

Alot of people had problems logging in yesterday after downtime, CCP did patch it, should you still have problems connecting then make a support ticket.

I have to start my account again disappeared from the launcher and he does not want to register

Launcher takes a name and password once from about five. I’m ticking save, but after the restart launcher, the data is not saved.

I tried to make an bug report. When I pressed submit, the page was reset as well as the launcher :))

you need to PIN it for it to stay in the launcher, when you have added (logged in) with you account, on the right side of the “account” bar (yellow arrow in pic below).

Thanks, it helped.

tks ooooppppsss
forgot about those dang things

thank you

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