Launcher never remembers any account

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Every time I play EvE the launcher forgets any account details I enter. This is obviously irratating when I want to flick through accounts to do stuff.

I enter my details, tick the remember me box and then make sure the account is pinned. Play the game and whatever close the launcher. Next time I load it up all my accounts are gone again. I sent a bug report ages ago but heard nothing back.

Any tips or ideas on how to save my accounts would be great, thanks :slight_smile:

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+1 here

(NagataKogyo) #3

+1 Same issue on Windows 10 latest as of this post date

(Algarion Getz) #4

I dont even play a lot these days, but everytime i try there is an issue, this time its the launcher! When i start the launcher and start the saved accounts it says “Encountered an error while refreshing token for …”. So i delete the accounts by clicking on the X, add them again, pin them and start the game.

BUT, the next time i start the launcher, i have exactly the same problem again! The launcher doesnt save ANY changes! It is really annoying because everytime i add an account, i also have to wait a while for the verification code i get via email. Logging into the accounts 1 by 1 manually would be less work!

(Yes, i close the launcher properly by clicking on X, it does not crash.)

EDIT: I cant even delete my accounts (by clicking on x). Its like all EVE launcher files are under write protection.

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