Why does the launcher forget authentications?

It is the most annoying and frustrating thing to have the desire to play Eve and to constantly have the message “***** could not be authenticated. Please click add account and enter credentials” for EVERY SINGLE ACCOUNT. I have verified each of my accounts DOZENS of times already over the years playing Eve and still the launcher doesnt remember the computer? It is like every month I have to go through every single account with the annoying email verification. Why can’t I just do it once for a computer? what makes it hair ripping is the fact that I will sometimes play on other computers, leading me to do the stupid, annoying email verification up to 4 times for each account depending on where I am. What is the point in remember password or remember login if I LITERALLY have to login in again and again? It shows my name in the launcher for what? just to make me add account, login AGAIN, and do the email verification every single time. Why can’t the launcher just remember the computer? Why can’t it work like every other launcher for any other game and just verify me ONCE, put some type of security key file locally and remember it for the future? At least just make it where I retype my password to verify I own the account and allow me to play, don’t send an email every single time for every account. What makes less sense is I have the accounts on the same email, so why can’t the launcher tell that I am clearly the owner of the email after the FIRST verification?

Do you use a VPN ?

I have 30+ accounts on my launcher and I don’t have this issue. If you don’t login to any of them for over a month you’ll have to redo it I believe, but if you are logging into all the accounts at least a few times a month this shouldn’t be an issue unless you have a non-static IP/VPN, etc?

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