Launches forgets new accounts

(Jack Mayhem) #1

Since yesterday’s (May 10) DoS attack my launchers forget newly added accounts. It’s the same problem on two different computers. One is fresh installation and forgets ALL accounts, another remembers old accounts but forgets one that I logged out during attack (token was not recognized).

What do?

(Brilyana Tsutola) #2

I’m having this same problem. I tried uninstalling and doing a fresh install of the launcher, and even ran it as an admin, but no luck.

I hope someone can provide a suggestion soon! This is pretty annoying.

(Mark Ojai) #3

+1. Windows 10 (via steam, however) and Mac OSX High Sierra (standalone) versions are both doing this.

(KrunK EnstinE) #4

Same, wrote a bug report then checked here.

(CHSin) #5

I’m having the same issue, was this ever resolved??

(Selar Delazure) #6

Same. I’m starting to think that CCP will never get this right : the amount of launcher bugs this week is incredible. Who’s working on this stuff ?

(system) #8

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