New launcher?

Was a new launcher pushed out? Mine is substantially different than it was yesterday and now it won’t let me log in. Seems like it won’t download (the normal download bar is still solid gray), and after I re-added my accounts and I click the little Play icon on them it says something about couldn’t access stored password and that the login has been queued.

Same launcher version number I had yesterday, just now it says Launcher UI ver 6.0.4.

I was able to log into the accounts just fine on my brothers computer after encountering this issue on my computer, so its not the accounts or passwords. I’ve cleared cache, verified cache, removed and re-added accounts half a dozen times. I’m running out of options.

Everything I’ve found in searching is months old.

I don’t see any difference from how it’s been lately; it’s just the same as it has been for a long while now.

Are you sure it’s a legit launcher? Is there such a thing as a fake launcher meant to steal account info?

Its new.All my accounts and characters will have to be re entered.Absolute pain in the arse.Why do it?Why make life more difficult.Don’t need answers this is ccp.

You probably has the “Beta Version” checked on your launcher configuration… I too got a new launcher but for me it works fine…

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