2017/11/13 - Post Downtime Login Issues

(CCP Falcon) #1

2017/11/13 - Post Downtime Login Issues


We’re currently investigating an issue that was caused by an SSO deployment before downtime today. Hopefully we’ll have it resolved soon!

Please use this thread for any discussion, to keep the rest of the forums clean!

Updates will be provided in this thread!

If you’re experiencing issues with not being able to log in specific accounts, please log all of your accounts out of the launcher and back in again. You’ll need to re-accept the EULA (which is unchanged), and this should fix the issue.

Regarding login screen cant see accept button
Launcher isnt working
Cant log in
Thank You CCP for the Launcher Update
Please delete this i messed up
(Eternus8lux8lucis) #4

Thank you for the launcher update that made me have to reenter every password for every client, that kindly reset all my settings on all my accounts. Was Grand.:heart_eyes:

(Memphis Baas) #5

Well, they promised in the announcement that after this the new launcher will not have ANY bugs any more, ever again, so bookmark those patch notes so you can quote them in their face every time the launcher bugs out from now on. Which is probably going to be daily.

(Nasato) #6

THANKS CCP. Well DONE on update. Its better then .exe update.

(ISD Stall) #7

Hey everyone, if you didn’t see this article and you would like to have a look here is the link explaining the update: https://community.eveonline.com/news/news-channels/eve-online-news/launcher-update-coming-tomorrow-2017-11-08/

The short version is the way accounts are being handled within the launcher has changed, and because of this you do need to log in all of your accounts again, but after you do that any account that is pinned shouldn’t go away.

(Psycros) #8

Even after I enter my login details the blue box where your character should be only has the “play” and “stop” buttons (which is a weird setup if you ask me…its not Pandora after all). If I then close the client, restart it and log in again my character is listed. But I always have to do it twice this way. Anyone else seeing this?

(ISD Stall) #9

I don’t seem to have that issue, try clearing your launcher cache. If the issue persists let me know.

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #10

Its not the relogging in thats the issue for me, though its a PITA in itself, its that all the settings get nerfed. Window placements, graphics settings, overview, everything. Try getting that turfed on all your accounts at once. Its loads of fun to replace.

(Piugattuk) #11

Well, at least I wasn’t alone…haven’t got my other accounts except the main 2, the others are in limbo.

(Psycros) #12

I truly mean no offense but “clear the cache” seems to be the given answer for every EVE issue, and its never once fixed anything for me (or anyone else I know). I don’t have the bandwidth to redownload all that content anyway - I’m on very limited and poor quality Internet. I did play around with the layout and got it stop leaving the character list blank. In doing so I confirmed that the “remember this account” checkbox doesn’t work.

Also, its pretty lame that the new forum doesn’t even show who you’re replying to. Frankly I think its even worse than the updated launcher :confused:

(Commadore Boone) #13

What do you guys expect? They fired all the real developers.

(DrButterfly PHD) #14

I had to re enter login details but my settings did not get wiped.

(Smart Sister) #15
  1. How hard would have been to include a procedure to transfer the existing accounts list ?
  2. after the list has grown and the scrollbar has appeared, the drag/drop does not work anymore. This is part of the “more healthier launcher” strategy ?

All in all, a very sloppy release.

(Smart Sister) #16

And the good product managers. And the qa team ( actually, not sure they ever had one ).

(Wander Prian) #17

Hit the cogeheel next to each account and select the correct profile for each. TADA, your stuff is back.

(Kathern Aurilen) #18

Yeah a pain to redo ally settings

(Kyliez Kyle) #19

That’s if the profiles are there, mine have been wiped

(Wander Prian) #20

Did you reinstall the launcher after the update?

(Jaiden Solo) #21

Had to enter all my accounts into the launcher yesterday.

Today after DT, all accounts forgotten.

Thanks CCP

(waltari) #22

Havent had that kind of issue, clicked the gear icon, have select the correct profile JUST LIKE LASTIME WHEN THERE WAS LAUNCHER UPDATE!! And it loaded up all my account info and setting. LRN2CCP