Launcher UI 3059 (on beta) & 3090 (on release)

Hey everyone, we’ve recently updated the beta version of the launcher UI.

This version includes changes to the login behavior, where we’ve completely abandoned the previous method of using an iframe. Iframes have been used in the launcher for login, at least since the v2 launcher, and have caused a variety of issues and challenges along the way.

Most recently one that makes no sense, and could not be reliably reproduced between computers or accounts - while being consistent within specific systems for certain accounts. (This being the issue some users may currently have been experiencing on the release version, wherein after completing the necessary steps to login the user is not logged in but is instead returned to the login form.)

So how does the new login flow work?

When adding an account we open another window within the launcher process, this window loads the EVE Online SSO appropriate for the server you’ve selected. There you have the option of logging in with your EVE Online credentials. Much like before.

Once the login has concluded the launcher should auto-close the window it opened and complete the login with the UI.


Added bonus:

  • You can now login to your Steam linked EVE account without starting the launcher from Steam
  • You can now login using your Facebook account (if you have connected it to an EVE account)
  • Launcher no longer needs to stagger/flash when changing from TQ to test servers
    • Side-effect: Test server information in your launcher has been reset, meaning pinned accounts for test servers are gone and if you had different UI layouts for TQ and test servers, there is now one shared.

Should you encounter any issues on the beta version of the launcher, please file a bug report, attach launcher logs, and describe what steps you are taking that cause the issue to occur.

Known issues:

  • Mac: The launcher does not finish loading the SSO login window (opens white window)
    • Fixed in 1378833

These changes are now on the release version of launcher as 3090


I basically get a white screen which doesn’t load so I can’t input my info. Also note that current release launcher doesn’t work (look at all the other people in the forum with same issue). Also - See screenshot.

Please follow the information at the bottom of the original post to file a bug report, with launcher logs attached.

As for the issues some users are experiencing on the release version, I will make amendments to the original post to clarify that this is the mentioned issue that’s nonsensical and cannot be reliably reproduced.

Done - bug report opened.

Ok so i cant log in to my main account, its kicking me out whenever i login. but i can log into the steam account that automatically pops up. so its an account issue, which is weird

bug report filed as well… for what it’s worth

Ok so i think I found the problem, its the manual logging in. i can play eve from the steam default launcher using the Steam auto login account (I dont use this), but not when i try to add my main account. the launcher isn’t the problem. it’s the logging in that is the problem for Macs

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I have flagged the issue with Mac launcher not loading the SSO window, in the new (beta) flow, to CCP Snorlax. For the time being I’m asking mac users to return to the release version.

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You have not asked any questions relating to the current topic / beta update.

Please provide a description of the issue you’re currently encountering, if it relates to the launcher UI that is currently on beta. If it’s an issue you can reliably reproduce, we would love to receive a bug report, as specified in the original post.

If you have issues starting up the launcher engine itself, you may wish to contact our customer support team or file a bug report. In either case attaching launcher logs may assist in identifying issues.

I have already ran the latest version of Eve launcher. now he is downloading resources. I ran it windows 7 x32bit personal computer. removed the antivirus 1 created virtual memory on disk d 2 in the local server enabled all services in auto mode 3 downloaded all Microsoft Visual Studio 4 deleted the game and downloaded again 5 updated and downloaded libraries 6 and the beginning is fine as before the system crashes. :wink: you all ccp made me dig into internet systems… this violence1,<<< this is a joke :wink: and I do not even know English I use Google Translate. if such an ignorant how could I come in. will be able to go all !!! I wish you all the best of luck…

I’m sorry but I do not understand what sort of issue you’re trying to describe.

If you’re able to better describe your issue in German or Russian, I suggest you contact our customer support team: Support Ticket Absenden / Обратиться в Службу Поддержки

I am from Georgia. cawcasws georgia. in my language you do not have any forums. გაიგე ლამაზო? :wink: ამ ენაზე ტქვენ ფორუმები არა გაქვთ.

I have no more problems. I’m in the game. thank you and good luck and in the game and in personal real life…

Felt like playing some EVE and ran into the white box after login too. Version 3090. Wanting to add that I’m seeing this on elementaryOS with Wine 3.0.2. EVE was installed under wine with the normal windows launcher and has not had issues until this update on this system. After login it switches to the white box and just sits there. If it’s not reproducing on windows then try on linux.

window 7 64 bit at same issued

Can you try resizing the new window that opens and let me know how that goes? We saw a similar issue on a previous build and can’t reproduce it internally.
Otherwise, a bug report with launcher logs please. You can find the launcher logs in the launcher menu -> Show in Explorer -> Launcher Logs.

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