Login with Eve from launcher instead of each account

I’ve got this change as well, and am wondering about it’s authenticity.

Well… they prepared IT some time before: I saw same behaviour on beta launcher previosly.

Yep, same here. It’s odd that it’s not on the latest news feed? Would be good to get official confirmation from CCP.

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Ok, after reading through the link here.

@Olleybear what you are seeing is the Beta-version of the new EVE Launcher.

Due to the information on the beta-version of EVE Launcher, there are nothing to worry about. I apologize for not realizing that it is was the beta-version, I don’t use it so to me it just looked suspicious. :blush:

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IIRC, its due to them removing iframes from the launcher (which the login part might have been?).

Thanks for everyones responses. Yes, It would have been nice to have it in a news feed or pinned at the top of the “Eve Launcher” forum.

I believe he is actually seeing the release version 3090 (where login has been changed in line with that beta). Considering that the change is rather significant and, as you said yourself, looks suspicious, having some clarifying topic regarding this update pinned might help indeed …

On a side note, the button “login with eve” in the launcher that is used to login to eve looks slightly odd in general. It would be perhaps less confising (and less alarming) if it was just saying “login” :slight_smile:

Hey guys, just clarifying, the “Login with EVE” button is indeed intended, and was pushed live with UI version 3090 earlier today. And yes, it’s supposed to open up a second launcher window with the login form. :slight_smile:

Some information about why we discarded the iframe & went for this change can be found in this post:

Already have a fix lined up for the "Login with EVE" => "Login"

I have a white window once I put my account name and password after clicking « Login with EVE »

Why use iframes at all?
Can’t you guys make it a native QT windows / linux / mac application?
I’m a Linux user and it seems the new launcher has serious problems for Linux/Mac users.
The main one? It does not work!
just check: White screen after “Log in” press

…it did not work yesterday, it does not work today.
Maybe testing the new launcher on Linux/Mac before deploying would be a good idea next time.
Hopefully somone with knowledge and responsibility can see this and fix it.
A choice of fixing rare iframe bug vs breaking the game for all non-windows users seem rather odd.


I’m having the same problem as well. White window after I put my acc and password.

Same problem here.

The Development version works, but then I get stuck in the Settings/Connect menu in the game.
When I press connect, the Authentication… progressbar starst, but it vanishes after a few seconds.

Some linux users have switched to “Developement Vesion” and they said that it worked and no longer are having white screen.

How does one switch to the development version?
(I am using CCP Snorlacs launcher 1225328.3104 on linux and it has the white screen problem which a few people are also experiencing)

Found the answer, re-posting GM Mechanic’s instructions here
(select which version of the launcher you are looking for, below)

It is no longer possible to select development version out side of CCP so you will simply have to cancel auto update each time until we can get it to beta.

i have the same problem as in the first message. hovewer, if you press on new account and return to log in will open site, it is good but i want play. how can i add (reg) current account for launch play?

I am unable to login with Google App it is rejecting my Code


I just got the same ‘white window’ issue - brand new Omega account. I’ve submitted a ticket but I’m on Linux (which means the latest launcher crashes) so I may well just get a ‘sucks to be you’ response :frowning:

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