Launcher Issue Workaround - Beta Launcher

In the latest news article, CCP Falcon mentions something that I find a bit troubling…

If pilots choose to switch to the beta launcher, they will need to log in all accounts fresh.

What seems worrisome about this is in the case where a player has a significant number of alts or multiple accounts. The amount of time it can take to log in more than just a few characters is non-trivial at best. So much so that to even contemplate testing the beta launcher can be a deterrent to doing so, knowing that whether you stick with it or not you’re going to have to enter those accounts and characters all over again.

Is there not a mechanism or procedure available that saves character login data to a file as a backup? This strikes me as something that could benefit every EVE player.

They also said that the new launcher is complete different from the current one. They may not be compatible with the current one.

There is a lot of good software that doesn’t work on windoze XP anymore and requires windoze 10.

hello all and happy x-mas, the launcher isn’t working in mac i try to change to beta and i don’t have the option thx ccp

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