Beta Launcher Update 1516567


The beta launcher might have exaggerated the existing “Oops I forgot all the accounts because there are three thousand launchers running in the background” issue that most people fix by either nuking the processes or changing the release tier. I’m not really sure what the connection is between them yet.

However, 1516567 should alleviate an issue I think may be related to this. Seems we had some rogue threads that refused to biomass themselves.

They have been given cyanide capsules with ten second dispersal timers. So hopefully the extra running launcher will, in a worst case scenario, die off within ten seconds.

I’ve only gathered this info from a few bug reports and forum threads. If you have any other patterns that might make sense, please add a comment here.

Will keep an eye on this and see if it is sane enough to promote to release next week.


My launcher updater crashes, when trying to download the new version, tried uninstalling eve and everything, rebooting, but it still crashes on a fresh install.

It seems that the download stops when the launcher itself starts. The Launcher Updater crashes when the Launcher itself starts.

This is how it looks for me:

Seems it really wants to stay in beta mode. Sorry about that.

The work around to that is to force it back to release mode.

First uninstall to make sure you don’t have the beta launcher.

Then with regedit navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CCP\EVE and change the key “LauncherType” to 0


Then install the latest launcher from the site and you should be in release mode.

Hello :heart_eyes: I use an autotranslator, sorry for any inaccuracies. I’m sorry to say this, but the problem is bigger than you think. And not only associated with the latest version of the launcher. I play about 5 months. I have a SP farm, until about 10 omegas and grow another 30. I haven’t used beta yet. And I have repeatedly lost individual settings. Sometimes all. Sometimes only a part. Sometimes only part of the accounts. And I know, therefore, that it has nothing to do with beta. And I do not run a few launchers, never. And I always set up my antiviruses (set two during this time) so that the game would do what it wanted. Absolutely. WIn7x64, AMD930 2000, 6gb,1024video.
I see that the reset of individual settings occurs after the updates. Here’s what I dumped:

  1. Login and password pairs were reset 3 times in 5 months.
  2. The last time the pair and the settings of the luncher were reset. And all the notes in the account names. At the farm is a note: where is the hero. The name of. How many trading slots are there. How many sp. Alpha or Omega. So all 40 notes multiplied by zero.
  3. Graphics settings are reset 4 times. And the resolution remains, but the quality is set to maximum.
  4. Checkboxes are reset. Disable camera shake. I know that I can not take the item from the corporate warehouse. Yes, I agree to sell 400 items. All that I choose once at the beginning of the game, except for the Aura, has to be confirmed with a new one. After update that reset.
  5. The transparency of windows was reset 2 times. I do not have such a monitor to be delighted with transparency. My eyes hurt right away and I can barely see the inscriptions on 100% transparency. And here I go into the account 40 times and touch, trying not to look at the screen, twist the slider back.

Wishing to those who could not realize the import and export file
settings.cfg all the best, of course.

With each such zeroing, I feel that I spend on non-game management more and more of that limited time. I really do not have time for this, I work a lot and hard. For some reason it seems to me that I should rest in the game.

p.s. Please implement import and export of configuration files. For all accounts in one separate folder. So that you can copy 40 files, 500 kb, with a single click, and not worry about new updates. Like that.

Is there a way to copy the settings manually, while your team asks God for permission to implement the import and export of the setting file? Before the last update of the “invasion”, I tried to copy the entire huge folder in my documents. No, it did not save me.

Did I understand correctly that because of some kind of error, everyone who put the beta version should now download and reinstall full game?And losing individual settings again?
Or we can reinstall only the launcher? How to do it?

Pleeese pleese pleese :rofl:

Hi again! Figured out what my issue was.

When l had Hardware Rendering enabled, the launcher refused to start, I turned it off through the registry (after looking around/trying to do a completely clean install/reinstalling the launcher for a couple of hours…). The moment I turned hardware rendering off it started working instantly just fine. I have made a bug report with a couple of logs attached FYI :slight_smile:

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There was a sequel. I went to work. The day was not in the game. Came, launched, received several updates. All 40 accounts with notes in launcher. Played. Went away, rested, launched again. And see that in launcher accounts already 5. What should I think about this? How many launchers do I have? Two with one label?

I have nerves? I no longer want to play, I have not played normally for a week. I do not want launch and play game because of these tricks…

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