EVE Launcher version 1225328

Version 1225328 of the EVE Launcher engine has been deployed. This version has the following changes:

  • Silenced logspam from downloading everything.
  • Fixed incorrect values for the progress bar for download everything.
  • Fixed an issue with automatic verify/purge, where it would occasionally start two instances of the process.

Been getting “Socket Closed” ever since the launcher updated. Sadly the games become pretty much unplayable. Doubt the launcher is the cause, just throwing it out there. The only other thing that happened at approximately the same time was that I started an Alt. Either way, it’s a bit of a bummer.

Is there any reason to keep the launcher open after launching the game?
Also, is there any way to change the size/resolution of the launcher text? It’s so small. I have to lean in to read the news bar or anything else. I checked settings, but there was nothing there.

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