Old Launcher Deprecated from 7 February 2024

As per this news item players who are still using the old launcher will be prompted to update to the new launcher on Wednesday. It will be necessary to update to the new launcher in order to start EVE Online.

All your user accounts and settings will be migrated into the new version automatically, and any unnecessary files related to the old launcher will be removed from your system.

The news item includes a FAQ for the most common questions or issues that player may face.

If you encounter any problems updating the launcher or are curious about its features, we have a help center article available.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the customer support team via the help center or via email to support@eveonline.com


Uh oh I hope the transition will be without issues because I still use the old one. :thinking:

Though I get my bag of :popcorn: ready just in case, at least can enjoy the fallout if things go badly. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Of course will wait to update till a day or two have passed just in case. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


I agree.

I went back to the old one partly because of Vanguard and the launcher being so stupidly slow compared to the old one.


Welp lads. The day we all knew was coming.

I for one accept this change and will not make multiple threads complaining about it as I am quite a simple person to keep happy.

New launcher is pretty cool (for me at least).


2 days in advance ? are u fckn kiddin me.


Could they be a bit miffed because players are not exactly happy with them forcing Vanguard into the new launcher and are going back to the old one?

Because this all feels a bit rushed right now with minimal notice for the players.


Its a launcher, not like its a 2 day warning that they arent supporting windows 8

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Typical of CCP, stay silent on important thing until the last possible second


“Warping to New Eden has never been faster, easier, and more immersive than with the new EVE launcher.”
Well we’ll see, won’t we.

I mean comon… Any person who actually doesn’t live under a rock knew this was going to happen. Or has been here for long enough…

I agree, I had it until last week.

But uninstalled it when I could go make a brew while waiting for 2 accounts to launch because it’s just so slow.

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Can we disable account expansion to show characters (and vanguard that I am not in the slightest interested in) when enabling setting to always go to character selection screen?

Also, please fewer ads and more space for actual accounts please. Give me full height for accounts and you can waste right side of that on ads.


How can I get daily reward if I am on a pc, which not capable to start the game? (old launcher could do it by character selection)


Why do I need click+hold or crtl+click to start a charater, why can’t it work with simple click?


I don’t know guys it works just fine for me? :man_shrugging:

Clean up your pcs? uh… Make sure nothing is conflicting? All I did was install the new one and it replaced the old one pretty seamlessly.

I know I am not alone in this regard.

As always things will get polished up… In due time.


My accounts doesn’t fit to fullscreen, I have to scroll, because one is always expanded and show Vanguar icon.

  1. How can I collapse all account?
  2. How can I remove Vanguard icon?

This is going to be nasty…


Alright then. Been using new one for months, it’s been fine


Fine. But I wont play that stupid ego-shooter. Tell your launcher to not even ask :smiley:


Always nervous about abandoning something simpler for more complexity. “Old launcher” used to be considered unnecessary bloat and an ad delivery vehicle, compared to running exefile and logging in there. I miss themed expansion login screens we used to see: Apocrypha, Tyrannis, Incursion: moody backgrounds that you could leave up as a screen saver.

But “old launcher” did streamline logging in via credential caching and multiple accounts with a few clicks. Now “old launcher” is in the sweet spot of something that ‘just works’ for the spaceship game with minimal bloat compared to ‘new launcher’. But… 10 years from now, if the servers are still running, we’ll probably think “new launcher” is so rudimentary and quaint.