Launcher makes the decision easy

I just wanted to say that Eve Online is one of the best games ever made if not the best (only Ultima Online can contest the spot).
I admit that I haven’t been playing a lot lately and if I do, I might just pay the sub with isk, so not that much real money lost if I cannot play. But yeah, I was wondering again should I come back and play a bit, but after launcher updated, it doesn’t work anymore.
And I do know where the problem is, but fixing it is not an option at the moment (playing with an old win7 computer because my newer win10 comp gave up on me).
So the whole reason for this message is that because of some update (which was not required in my opinion) I and maybe some other people can’t play the game, making the decision to not play real easy.
And it makes me sad when the decision comes down to something trivial like this.

Ps. If anyone knows how to replace steam’s eve launcher with an older one, let me know. I might be checking this topic for a while if anyone knows.

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