Launcher + Vanguard = disaster

Yelp, there’s my launcher today, maybe CCP should add to the cog icon (settings) the option to never download Vanguard, I don’t want get near that thing, it has no appeal to me… but I can already sense this Vanguard thing will cause a great deal of stress to me

Please, the launcher should have it’s cog icon clickable instead of being a frozen state due to the update, also Vanguard should be disabled as default

Try to use old launcher. For me it’s at: D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Eve Online\Launcher\evelauncher.exe

First time today I started the launcher it took a long time for it to load. But eventually did and for regular play anyway seems ok.

Well, I played Vanguard for a bit yesterday after the client forcefully downloaded it, and all I can say for now is meh. Today, I can’t get any of my Eve toons to load into Eve. Any launch group or individual character selection just runs Vanguard. Trying to use the old launcher doesn’t work either, because it says it’s now incompatible. This would be funny if not outright stupid.

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