Classic CCP preparation for EVE Vanguard


If I am not allowed to download EVE Vanguard, why is the launcher telling me that it wants to download it and bothering me with error messages that something couldn’t be updated because an EVE client is running?

And now EVE Vanguard is again gone from the launcher…





At the time of download you were logged in and your system holds locked files would be my guess.

/my most favourite error message was that my ship was out of control.

You have lost control of your ship!


Isn’t that standard operating procedure for the Frostpacker clan? :thinking:


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Make sure you have the latest launcher (v1.2.8)
Then try using
Settings > Tools > Remove unused files
and Verify files
after that in the launcher
to clean the stage and make sure all files are ok.

The launcher displays Vanguard download blocked message when out of the playtest scheduled time window.

VG downloads are usualy being unlocked a day before playtest starts. Next is on Feb 22nd, so download should be possible on Feb 21st.



I wish I could make sure of that. Every day before DT I have 128, every day after DT I have 102. I don’t know what it’s doing. :person_shrugging:

So next time you have v1.2.8, try running that clean and verify files maybe?

Vanguard is already a complete failure.

Why, CCP? Why? Again??

I’ll never forgive you for screwing with the launcher… AGAIN. I’m so sick of having to upkeep 24 accounts whenever some idiot there decides to do this crap.

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It’s not complete yet, pre-alpha, how can you tell?

No one asked you to have 24 accounts. You did that on your own. Take responsibility and delete your 23 extra accounts then maybe you won’t be so bitter.

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Its not that it broke 24 accounts, its that if you have one account, and CCP breaks that one account, then %100 of your accounts are broken. Multiply by like 20,000 daily players and that a lot of people with %100 broken accounts they have to do something to fix that otherwise worked just fine.

Jus be grateful that your pc boots up

I’m aware of the non-problem, I’ve had to correct it too. Only I have one account and two characters so it’s no big deal when settings get reverted to default.
My point is someone with two dozen characters shouldn’t cry about it. Just because you can create a billion toons doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do it.

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