Vanguard installation keeps resetting

I’ve looked at the other Vanguard threads, and I’m having a different issue.

My issue is that the download keeps restarting, over and over again. For 3 days now I’ve tried to download Vanguard. I’m not sure I’ve seen it get further than 1Gb downloaded out of 12.56Gb.

Earlier today I looked at the download progress and it was around 800Mb/12.56Gb. Okay, it’s reset, let’s wait it out (on my slow as connection) … I check back just now and it’s at 125Mb/12.56Gb. No errors on the launcher window, no notifications, I’ve been at the PC since I saw it at 800Mb progress, and nothing has popped up.

I thought perhaps an error message or some such might have appeared then disappeared overnight, but that’s not the case. It just resets, constantly. I don’t quit the launcher, I leave it running on the Vanguard character selection to monitor the download progress. But it always resets.

None of the other threads have this issue, they seem to get stuck copying executables, I never seem to get there. Any ideas?

Okay, well I guess coming here for help was a waste of time. Nice playtest, didn’t even get the game installed.

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